You: This Word Will Help You Connect With Readers

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I bet you’ve seen a few blogs where the author is always saying, “We.” “We” liked this product. “We” wanted to share some tips with you. Those blogs always make me cringe, and if I feel that way, other readers probably do, too. Here are reasons why you should use “you” and “I” in your posts.

I” Gives Your Blog More Credibility

When I see those bloggers using “we” I always assume they have no self-confidence and probably no real expertise. They’re not quite sure if the information they’re giving me is reliable and they don’t want to assume responsibility, just in case. If you want me to believe you’re an expert then tell me you’re an expert. Don’t hide behind a group of people who don’t even exist.

Your Personal Experience Adds Authority

When you tell your readers a story and use the word “I” then they know you’re speaking from personal experience. It makes a stronger connection than if you’re just delivering information.

You can tell your readers, “This WordPress plugin is easy to install with just one click,” but 15 other bloggers have already said exactly the same thing.

When you tell them, “I installed this WordPress plugin with just one click, but I did it wrong and had to go back and reinstall. Here’s what happened…” then they’re sitting on the edge of their seats, breathlessly waiting to hear what went wrong and how you fixed it, and they’re grateful you shared your experience so they can avoid making the same mistake. You’ve created a much stronger bond just by using the word, “I“.

Avoid Distracting Your Reader

Has it ever occurred to you that right now there may be 1,000 pairs of eyes looking at this exact same sentence? It’s kind of a freaky thought, isn’t it?

When you use words like “you all” or “you guys” or “we” then you’re reminding the reader that he’s not the only one reading this page. At the very least that can be distracting. For some, it really freaks them out. Either way, that reader isn’t going to get anything out of your article now because he’s been distracted.

When you’re writing you should always imagine yourself speaking to just one individual, preferably a friend. Use the words I and You to create a personal connection between you and the reader.

You And I Brings Us Closer Together

When you’re having an intimate conversation with a friend, just the two of you, you typically talk a little softer, lean in a little closer and give each other your undivided attention. You share information that you wouldn’t ordinarily share if you were in a crowded room and you both feel a little privileged to share this moment.

When you use the words “I” and “You” on your blog you’re creating that same feeling of friendship and closeness with your reader. He leans in a little closer, hanging on your every word, and he feels special because you’re speaking with him on an intimate level. As long as you maintain this relationship this reader will follow your blog forever.

Unless you’re legitimately writing your blog post with a co-author or you can actually introduce the other members of the “group“, lose the word “we.” It makes you look weak and does nothing to help establish a relationship with the reader. Instead, use “I” and “You” to make an emotional connection and build a stronger bond with your audience.

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  1. Hassaan Khan

    Steven, Great article! I did not read something like that but I have kind of style of using ‘I and You’ in my articles. Your article gives authority and more power to my style.

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hassaan, congratulations for doing this naturally in your posts. Do you get some good response from your readers?

  2. Dexter

    Great tip. This one always confused me. Should I use “We” to represent the company/product or “I” because I am the writer? Just a thought.

    1. If you are writing blog posts, I think you should always use “I”, even on a company blog. Articles should be associated with the name of the employee who wrote them. It makes it a lot easier for readers to relate to the author.

  3. Carla

    Great post! I was thinking about this yesterday as I wrote a blog announcing a partnership. I ended up using “you all”. Today, I was all about the “I” and “You” so from now on that’s the way it will be. Thanks! – Carla

    1. Thanks for your comment Carla :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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