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Write A SEO Plan And Stick To It!

Steven April 30, 2012 No responses SEO 28 views

Search engine optimization takes a lot of practice – the first few campaigns you run probably won’t yield amazing results, and the first few sites you build will probably never rank as high as you’d like them to. That said, don’t be put off, because WordPress SEO is all about having a plan and sticking to it. It doesn’t have to be a rigid place that can’t be deviated from, but it should be a plan that’s made up of techniques and methods that have worked for you in the past. SEO is all about learning from mistakes, then taking advantages of the little things that you find work well for you.


Write your plan down

It’s all well and good having a plan in your head, but the chances are you will forget bits of it. Write down your plan – you can always go back and add bits or take bits out at a later point. The good thing about writing your plan down from the beginning is that if you ever have to hire a virtual assistant (VA), you won’t need to write it down in one go – you’ll already have it saved somewhere.

As well as sticking to your linkbuilding plan when you build new sites, you should always attempt to try new things out. If you’re a fan of Web 2.0s as buffer sites, why not give document sharing sites a good to see if the backlinks lead to lots of click-throughs, or higher SERP rankings. The thing to remember with SEO is that it’s forever changing – and methods that work this week won’t necessarily work next week for you.

Include all areas of traffic generation in your plan

You should include all areas of traffic generation within your plan – not just SEO. A lot of webmasters won’t bother with paid clicks, and that’s absolutely fine, but one piece of the puzzle that you cannot afford to omit from your plan is social media. Social media marketing has been pretty much optional in the past – but as search engine algorithms are developing, they are increasingly looking for evidence of “social signals“. That means that nowadays linkbuilding alone isn’t going to get your anywhere – you need to embrace social media.

With linkbuilding there are tools out there that will do it all for you, social media marketing is a bit harder than that. You actively have to spend time promoting your site on social media yourself. You’ll have to sign up for a Twitter account and post links to pages on your site, this will create backlinks. If you can encourage friends and followers to retweet your messages containing links, this will also work wonders for your SEO. Other ways to stimulate social signals include to have your friends click the Google +1 button for you on your site.

Once you’ve built a few sites you’ll have a much better idea of how hard it is to rank for certain keywords. You’ll be able to refine your procedure until you’ve got it down to a “rinse and repeat” process. Having a plan in important because you can then pass that plan onto your VA, if and when you get one.

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