WordPress SEO Strategies: Top 7 for Success

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WordPress is one of the most valuable blogging resources available to day, even more so because it is free to use. If you are looking for excellent content management and a great blog tool, go no further than WordPress. Better still, WordPress also has easy-to-use plugins, including some that have a major impact on WordPress search engine optimization.


The first step to a successful blog is making sure that your content is rich with various related keywords, yet still reads as if it were written by a human being. However, posting excellent text in a page that is poorly designed and has excessive images that are not tagged is a surefire way to fail. Here are some more useful SEO tips you can use with you blog to optimize your WordPress SEO:

  1. WordPress makes it possible for you to adjust all of your content, create permalinks and provides you with more freedom than any other word processing tool online. In order to reap such benefits, all you have to do is install the SEO plugin.
  2. Revise your permalink to contain vital keywords. In order to do this, simply go to the WordPress control panel and make the necessary changes to the page link. This type of URL receives more search engine hits. In addition, you are creating links and authentic content with permalinks that are rich with keywords.
  3. When you use images on your blog, it is important to tag them correctly. This is crucial so search engines will be able to read your images. In addition, you should always make sure your photography is of the highest quality.
  4. Giving customized slugs and interlinking articles is an excellent way to enhance page ranks. How, you ask? Simple, just use the keywords as links to other articles on you blog. You can use the slug section at the bottom of your articles as a tool to provide clean URLs.
  5. To get better listings with major search engines, use a validated XHTML code. It is sort of an SEO rule. It is easy to do, just go to the W3C and submit the URL for your blog. Then, just let it check to see if it can find any problems that are preventing validation.
  6. One of the fastest ways for a search engine to sift through your blog and send relevant results to users is to provide a sitemap. A sitemap also helps users navigate your blog effortlessly. When you use the Google XML plugin, it is easy to install the tools that you need to make an EML sitemap.
  7. Finally, it is important to cache your blog. Other websites have a permanent static page, but your WordPress blog home page changes every time you submit a new post. Caching means that readers who want to see your blog does not have to wait for a new page to load. Caching reduces loading speed and effectively attracts more traffic.

These are just a few tips to help get you started. WordPress has several plugins from which you can choose to ensure your blog is visible and ready to be found by search engines.

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  1. Michelle

    This is great, wonderful and highly useful information, many of these I have not yet done myself. They are now on my to do list! Thanks again!

  2. Dana

    Oh dear, I’m afraid I don’t know what half of these things are… but I know that SEO is important. I guess I’m going to have to do a little digging and some more research, and maybe get my son to help me… :/

    1. Mike

      Absolutely Dana, any outside resource that you have that may help you in this line of business, especially if you are not overly tech-savvy, will do wonders for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or ask for favors. I ask my kids to help me all the time, and it’s a learning experience for you and for them. Besides, you gave your son life; the least he could do to repay you is help you with your online business.

    2. Dana

      I think you have some very good points there! I appreciate your advice, Mike. Glad I have you guys to help me problem solve!

  3. Anon

    These are some handy tips. Definitely helpful for those who may not know much about SEO, it’s generous of you to break it down like this. Kudos.

  4. Shad

    I never remember to tag my photos, that’s really great advice. Sometimes I’m in too much of a hurry I forget to do the little things, and sometimes it’s the little things that have the biggest effects! Thanks for posting.

    1. Sarah

      Same here. :/ It’s hard to remember things that can fall by the wayside when you’re stressed and busy, but if it helps with SEO it’s definitely something that I should make sure to take to time to do.

  5. Affmaster

    It’s definitely a challenge for many, writing SEO content and making sure it doesn’t sound forced or awkward. It’s definitely an acquired skill, and once you can do it successfully, can be used to your great advantage.

  6. Gorman

    Wow, a lot of these things I’ve never thought about. And they are so simple! Site validation, creating a sitemap, easy solutions to getting better SEO. Lovin’ it.

    1. Liz

      I know, these posts totally help me out. And I always end up kicking myself for not thinking of these things on my own sooner! lol

  7. Buysellwordpress

    I agree with you completely that there is no better tool and resource than WordPress. It is very easy in use and its number of useful features is really amazing

  8. Chris

    I’ve noticed that you do a lot of interlinking pages, and I always thought it was cool, but I didn’t know it was an SEO strategy! Nice!

  9. Dave Clements

    You mention that you need to install the SEO plugin, but you never mention it by name, or link to it, so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. I personally use WordPress SEO by Yoast, which is an excellent, all-inclusive SEO plugin and it will do pretty much everything that you need to be concerned with in the SEO arena.

    1. Actually I am using a couple SEO plugins for WordPress. The 2 most important being Platinum SEO Pack and SEO Smart Links. I should probably give WordPress SEO by Yoast a try to compare it to Platinum SEO Pack.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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