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Win Your Own Caricature – Week 2 Entries

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Two weeks ago, I started a contest that will end on the 6th month anniversary of Dukeo: July 29th, 2011. This contest is titled “Review My Blog And Win Your Own Caricature !“. This title is pretty self-explanatory but I’ll go over the basics once again.

review my blog win your own caricature

Dukeo is receiving a lot of attention in the blogging / affiliate marketing / make money online industry thanks to the “Who is” post series. These posts are biographies of big names or promising individuals in the industry and are illustrated by a very high-quality caricature of the featured person.

Since I have received several requests to make caricatures for other people, I though it could be fun to organize a little contest so everyone gets a chance to have their own caricature.

Win Your Own Caricature – Week 2 Entries

This week, I have received a few more submissions from people who wrote reviews about Dukeo to enter the contest. Since Dukeo is all about giving back to the community, I felt it would be nice to give those people a little more exposure. Here are details about this week’s entries for the contest:

You can see that each of these posts has its own angle. Some might focus mostly on Dukeo’s caricatures and the contest, while others are more about the strategy I used to get Dukeo started.

To enter the competition and have a chance to get your very own caricature, you only need to post a short review of Dukeo (at least 300 words) on your own blog. To read the complete details about the post formating and required stuff, please read the original post about the contest: “Review My Blog And Win Your Own Caricature !“.

I’m looking forward to read your own review of Dukeo!

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