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First of all, I know that this post was due to be posted a month ago (omg already). I have been postponing it for several reasons but I thought it was finally time to post the result as I owed it to the people who entered the contest.

review my blog win your own caricature

The Submissions

There has been a total of 7 submissions. This number, even though respectable is far from the result I was expecting. I’ll explain the back-end of this contest at the end of the post to share the experience with you, but first: the submissions.

  • First submission came from Kirk Taylor. He posted a review titled on his serial entrepreneur blog,
  • Second entry was posted by Donna Anderson, a freelance writer specializing in SEO. She posted a review titled Takes Thinking Outside The Box to the Extreme,
  • Third review was written by Brian Evans. He posted a review titled Dukeo Blog Review The Master of Reciprocal Marketing on his blog about Internet Marketing,
  • Fourth review was posted by Luke Kling, who works as a PeerFly Affiliate Manager. He posted a review titled – Make Money Online Blog Review.
  • Fifth entry is the work of Danny Brown, who’s blog claims to Filter out the Junk from internet marketing. His review is titled How NOT to do a blog.
  • Sixth review was written by Ivin Viljoen, on his self publishing blog,
  • Seventh and last entry was submitted by Vincent Cameron on his website about online entrepreneurship.

I’d like to thank personally the seven bloggers who took some of their time to write a review of Dukeo in order to enter this contest. Now let’s cut to the chase and name the winners!

The Results

As explained in the rules of the contest, there are 2 winners:

  • The first one have been selected by me. The only criteria for selection is that the post stand out of the crowd.
  • The second have been selected randomly through PHP by the rand(); function! (who said I’m a geek?)

After reviewing the various submissions, I decided to hand-pick Brian Evans as the first winner. I mean… He called me the king of reciprocal marketing! If that’s not some ass-kissing… Let’s be more serious, I enjoyed the tone of his post and it appeared to be well-researched and well-written. He got completely right the fact that I started posting my caricatures without expecting anything in return from the big bloggers. I just wanted to appear on their radar, and it worked. Congratulations Brian!

The second winner was selected randomly through PHP, and his name is… Luke Kling! Congratulations Luke, apparently PHP was on your side on this one. Luke’s review was also very well-written with plenty of link-love in it. He definitely knows how to be nice to other bloggers.

What I Learned

This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share what I learned from the experience of running my first contest on Dukeo, so here are a few things I learned.

  1. Running a contest takes time: Be cautious when you pick the end-date of the contest. You don’t want it to be during your holidays. Moreover, in order to get the ball-rolling, you’ll need to put some hard work into promoting the contest itself. In my effort, I contacted several bloggers when I launched the contest and a few of them replied that they would write a review and enter the content, which leads me to point number 2.
  2. You need to spend even more time: to get back to people and remind them about your contest, and use a little scarcity to have them post the reviews.
  3. Do not run the contest for too long: I originally decided to run the contest for 2 months, but as I wasn’t able to promote it properly, I’m pretty sure a lot of people forgot about it. Since I was not promoting it on Twitter and Facebook, it quickly disappeared in the archives. Internet is moving fast, never forget that!
  4. There is a limit to the number of projects you can manage simultaneously: Since I started Dukeo, I spent a lot of time working on this blog (posting a new article every single day is really time-consuming!) and so far it has been a great experience, but it makes almost no money so I have to work on my other projects at the same time. Finding the right balance has proven to be extremely complicated.

Thanks a lot for your attention. I’m already working on some fresh ideas to run another blog contest but I’ll take some time to make sure it will be a complete success.

In the meantime, I’m going to contact the winners and you should see their caricatures on Dukeo within a couple weeks. They will also receive a watermark-free version of the caricature for their personal use. Stay tuned!

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  1. Affiliate Manager

    Needless to say I am very excited to be announced a winner. I cannot wait to see my caricature :)

    1. I may need to ask for a couple pictures of you in the next days.

  2. Earl Grey

    I hear you on a lot of the points.
    A suprising amount of time needs to be put into a post that will maybe hang aroung on the blog for a few hours or a day.

    It wasnt the best time of year to run it but it was the right time because the right time is always today.

    Good post +1

    1. It’s trial and error… As it was my first contest on Dukeo, I didn’t expect it to run perfectly. I learned a great deal thanks to this one.

  3. Flash Games

    Congrats Brian Evans! You truly deserve it. Nice pick Steven

  4. Sad Music

    I thought Donna Anderson would win :(
    Anyways congratulations to the winners Brian and Luke!

    1. Not everyone can win…

  5. “Do not run the contest for too long” that’s a good point you made Steven. I wish to apply your strategy soon!

  6. First Website

    I think picking the end date for the contest is crucial. You really made a valid point. When we run a contest sometime in the future your experience will certainly come handy!

  7. Vincent

    totally agree with the time consumption of a “contest” i ran a blog design contest when i launched and had 15 entries and loads of work, i would suggest setting up the marketing prior to launching a contest to get the “buzz” we all hope.

    this contest rocked to bad i didnt get the win :D

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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