Win-Win Situations: Keep This In Mind At All Times

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During your career as a blogger you’re going to “meet” all kinds of people, many of them bloggers with problems, bloggers with complaints, and bloggers with questions. Sometimes it can be a real chore to open and read all of these emails and you’ll be tempted to just hit “Delete.” But some of these requests can be turned into Win-Win situations and some are more obvious than others.

It may not seem like it right now but some day, sooner than you think, you’re going to be inundated with emails every day. Other bloggers will want you to read their blog and give them advice on how to improve, they’ll ask you to leave a comment or endorse a product, and they’ll want to swap guest posts and links.

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Eventually you’re going to end up ignoring about 95% of these requests. Why? Because they’re all about the other blogger. There’s nothing in it for you. They’ll start of their email with a bit of flattery, telling you how wonderful your blog is, and then they’ll get to their “favor” and that’s it.

If you’re like me you’ll want to help a few of these bloggers, even though you know they can’t, or won’t, reciprocate. It’s up to you how much you want to “pay it forward” but remember – you have a business to run. If you really want to help these people then make it worth your time: Learn how to create a Win-Win situation.

Instead of saying yes, you’ll endorse their ebook, ask that other blogger to include a relevant paragraph about you with a link back to your blog. Instead of accepting a guest post you might not ordinarily accept, ask the blogger to rewrite it and tell him how he could make it better for both of your blogs.

The person making the request may not really be an inconsiderate jerk, maybe he’s just not as creative as you or maybe he doesn’t yet understand the need for creativity. When someone makes a request, take a look at it yourself and see if there’s a way you can get some benefit out of it. At the very least you’ll be teaching that other blogger how to really network with other bloggers.

And if you are that other blogger, you need to start thinking about Win-Win situations. That A-list blogger you’re asking for help didn’t get on the A-list because he asked other people to do his work for him. He understood the philosophy – You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

When you ask someone to endorse your ebook or give you a link you’re essentially asking them to lend their good name toward helping you to promote your own product or blog. You’re asking them for marketing help and one of the key concepts in marketing is to understand that everyone is looking for the benefit – What’s In It For Me?

An A-list blogger can see through your flattery in a heartbeat so don’t even waste your time. Show him you’re worthy of his attention. Be creative and show him a Win-Win situation and you’ll get his attention fast.

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