“Who is…” Post Series

who is post series

The “Who is…” post series features important people in our industry as well as promising individuals who are climbing up the ladder of success.

Who is…” posts allow me to do extensive biographical presentations of people by following their personal life and/or their professional backgrounds both online and offline.

These posts are always receiving very positive feedback and are some of the most popular posts ever published on Dukeo.

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Wes Mahler
Kris Trujillo
Bryn Youngblut
Brian Evans
Luke Kling
Jim Kukral
Logan Thompson
Riley Pool
Andrew Wee
Justin Buddy Dupre
Martin Finch Osborn
Yaro Starak
Ian Fernando
Missy Ward
Tyler Cruz
Ryan Eagle
Joel Comm
frank kern
Jonathan Volk
Zac Johnson
Shawn Collins
Darren Problogger Rowse
Dr David dk Klein
john chow
Jeremy Shoemoney Schoemaker

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