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You’ve waited a long time for the “Who is” post series to come back… It’s finally time! This amazing post series already featured Logan Thompson and Jim Kukral.

Today’s post is going to focus on Luke Kling, an extremely motivated affiliate manager who won his caricature through the first contest I ran with Dukeo. Since he is pretty succesful, I figured that he deserved to be featured in the “Who is” post series as well!

Luke Kling: A little background

Luke Kling was born on July 3, 1988 in Streator, Illinois. He spent all of his early years in Illinois, going to Streator Township High School, then joining Illinois State University. Luke graduated in May 2011 from Illinois State University with a bachelors in Science, his focus being on Web Application Development.

Luke Kling

Luke Kling and Web Development

The primary interest of Luke was Web Development: he started building websites in 2004. Luke is not really known for the websites he developed even though he had a few successful ones.

A prime example of Luke’s work is RevTwt.com (formerly TwtAd.com). It’s a twitter advertising platform that is known by every people who have been trying to make some cash from Twitter since more than 2 years.

Unfortunately, Luke sold RevTwt too early because he needed the money to pay for College. 4 months after he sold the website, RevTwt was making the amount it got paid for, in 4 days.

Luke Kling Affiliate Marketing First Job

Luke has been in the affiliate marketing industry for about 7 years now. He started by working with XY7 (an affiliate network) as an affiliate manager while he was still in high school. He worked for XY7 until his freshmen year of college when he decided to quit and focus on school. During his sophomore year of college, Luke realized that he wouldn’t be able to pay his rent and school unless he increased his student loan or found a job. Increasing his student loan being quite an unpleasant choice, he went back to working for XY7 as an affiliate manager.

During his junior year of college, being quite successful, Luke was put in charge of several network accounts at XY7, one of them being Peerfly.

Luke Kling Transition from XY7 to Peerfly

Being a web developer, Luke has been seduced by the fact that Peerfly was one of the first networks to get a completely custom platform built from the ground up, so he decided to stop working for XY7 and joined Peerfly in October 2009.

It has now been 2 years since Luke stopped working for XY7 and joined Peerfly, one of the most successful networks in the industry these days. Luke claims to be working with 35,000+ people who joined Peerfly network and help them monetize their traffic. Even if that’s quite an impressive number, I doubt all of them are very active.

Luke Kling and PeerFly FTW

On July 22nd 2011, Luke got married to his girlfriend of 9 years, Heidi. He also decided to move to Florida to work full-time from PeerFly office in Alachua, Florida.

Luke is now THE affiliate manager at PeerFly. Believe it or not, he is the only affiliate manager for the whole network! Impressive.

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  1. Chad French

    Great post and caricature! Luke is the best affiliate manager in the world.

    1. Why do I have a feeling that the sentence “Luke is the best affiliate manager in the world” is somewhat biased coming from you? ;)

  2. Brandon Smith

    “an extremely motivated affiliate manager” – He shows this greatly through his dedication to the network with all of his related side projects, and responsiveness to questions and inquiries! Keep up the great work Luke. Great bio dukeo.

    1. I don’t know what to add to this comment… This is almost like a love declaration :P

  3. Affiliate Manager

    Wow! Thanks Steven. The article is great and the caricature is AWESOME.

    “Luke claims to be working with 35,000+ people who joined Peerfly network and help them monetize their traffic. Even if that’s quite an impressive number, I doubt all of them are very active.”

    We are actually about to hit 55,000 total applicants. We do not allow publishers to complete more than once application, so that number is pretty accurate as far as unique applications we’ve received. We are a “noob friendly” network and although our application process is a little more rigorous than some of our competitors, we have a pretty good acceptance rate. I cannot disclose an exact number of publishers I work with, but it’s safe to say that over 40% of our publishers are active in our network :)

    I’m not trying to “toot my own horn” or anything like that, but I thought it was important that I update the numbers (need to update them on my blog as well).

    Again, I appreciate post and please let your artist know that I am more than pleased with how the caricature turned out. I will be doing a redesign for my blog around it.

    1. You’re right, it’s important to be precise! Thanks for the clarification.

      I’ll forward your comment to my artist :)

  4. Craig Snyder

    Awesome caricature, go Gators!

  5. Affiliate Paying

    Awesome caricature!!! ;)

    1. Thank you!

  6. My Fav Network

    No doubt ,Luke is ‘the best’ Affiliate Manager !

  7. David

    Just signed up on peerfly are you an account manager or private citizen like me.

    Anyway the my whole objective was just say awesome man.


  8. Seo

    Awesome – Luke is a great guy, great side projects and custom scripts, he is really dedicated. Love working with PF!

  9. Joshster

    Hello Steven

    I’d love to know where you get these fabulous caricatures done?

    They are fantastic, I hope it’s not a trade secret!!!

    Please advise…


    1. Hi Joshster, thanks for the kind words about the caricatures. Unfortunately, this is a trade secret so I can’t give you any contact information. Anyhow, I’ll forward your kind words to my artist :)

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