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It’s time for a new post in my “Who is” post series! It looks like the positive feedback about these posts is never going to stop…. This great post series already featured Brian Evans and Bryn Youngblut.

Kris Trujillo writes on his About Me page that his goals in life are simple – support his family and teach others about marketing. And then you start looking around and you find out he’s created this massive Internet empire!

Kris Trujillo

Kris is the owner of Cashtactics.net, a blog that covers so many areas of Internet and affiliate marketing it’s hard to know where to begin. Seriously, if you want to learn how to make money online, this is the blog to read.

He’s been working online since 2007 and his list of accomplishments is longer than my arm: he owns a PPC search engine, some drop shipping sites, several small search engines, a few miscellaneous money-making websites, and he’s a master at PPC and CPA marketing, with a consulting business on the side. If that’s not reason enough to check out Cashtactics then I don’t know what is.

Background on Kris Trujillo

Kris’s father was an entrepreneur so Kris is no stranger to the work ethic required to create your own successful business. His father made an attempt at Internet marketing and wasn’t successful, but Kris recognized the potential and decided to try it himself.

Trujillo got his start with the Rich Jerk Forum and his first venture netted him $700 the first week he was in business. He made it by answering questions on Yahoo Answers and sending people to ClickBank products for answers. Kris is co-owner of XrevMedia.com with Josh Goins.

Kris Trujillo’s Blog: CashTactics

When you first visit CashTactics.net one of the first things you’ll notice is the massive list of categories. He blogs about everything from affiliate marketing and PPC to traffic generation tips, landing pages and email marketing. There’s even a category for General Babbling and Rants.

One thing you should know about CashTactics before you visit – Trujillo pulls no punches. He makes it explicitly clear in his post titled, “Why CashTactics Will Never Be An A-List Blog” that he’s not going to fill your head with a bunch of ideas that could work – he’s going to tell you exactly what he does to make money online. And some of it ain’t pretty. Some of his posts are pretty long but I guarantee you’ll never be bored.

I like Kris’s blog because he speaks his mind. He’s not afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks. Some of his blog posts are only a couple of sentences long, and some of his best blog posts are his rants and babblings. When you read CashTactics you’re seeing the real Kris Trujillo – not some phoney, blow-hard blogger.

Trujillo also admits that he’s out to succeed and while he’s not necessarily proud of everything he’s done, he’s successful and that’s what matters most. Some of his methods are blackhat, or at least a little grey. And most of his methods are brilliant, like paying some oDigger developer a few bucks to create an iPhone App so he could get a PR 6 link back to his blog. In 2008 went this all went down that link was worth 150 extra visitors every day.

Kris Trujillo On What It Takes To Be A Successful Internet Marketer

Most successful Internet marketers will tell you that the biggest reason new marketers fail in this industry is because they jump from project to project. They don’t stick with any one project long enough to make it into a money-maker. In an interview with Jonathan Volk in 2010, Trujillo’s advice to those just getting started with Internet marketing was to choose one or two projects and see them through to success. But even more important, he advises everyone to quit wasting money on worthless Make Money Online products because everything you need to know you can find for free somewhere on the Internet.

In an interview the Kris did with ClickBooth at in 2009 Kris warns those looking for easy answers that there really aren’t any when it comes to making money online. It takes an enormous amount of effort. And for those who think they can get into this for free, that’s also not true. You’ll have to spend some money and, in the beginning, you may even lose some money.

What does the future hold for Kris Trujillo?

Kris is trying to learn how to better divide his time between his work and his family, which he says is the one weakness he truly needs to work on. He’s a huge advocate of networking to improve your business. If you’re committed to your success, you should definitely follow Kris.

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  1. Kris Trujillo

    Thanks for the write up! Unfortunately I won’t be speaking at ASW 2012 I did speak at ASE 2010 but haven’t spoke since at an affiliate summit. Keep up the great work!

    1. Sorry for the mistake, I just corrected the post. I’m so happy to go at ASW that I seem to see Affiliate Summit everywhere I look :)

  2. It’s the best caricature I have ever seen. :D

    1. Amanda@buysellwordpress

      Agree with you that the caricature is really excellent and funny!) Like it!

  3. Justin Garza

    Kris Trujillo is a legend amongst men, honestly one of the nicest dudes I have ever meet. Cheers to his success, and always being there for a friend.

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