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Yay, today is “Who is” day! This post series already featured very interesting people such as Zac Johnson and Jonathan Volk. For this 8th post, I decided to feature someone a lot more controversial: Frank Kern. If you research him on the net, you’ll see that there are some pretty bad things written about him… But let’s start from the beginning!

Frank Kern

Frank Kern Education

Frank Kern did not complete his college education, mostly because he felt discouraged by the fact that what you learn in college cannot be directly apply to generate wealth. He had the feeling that a Master degree would not be a valuable asset for him to reach the kind of success he was seeking.

Frank Kern: Starting Online

In 1999, while he was a door-to-door salesman, Frank stumbled upon a marketing course by Cory Rudl and decided to buy it. During his reading of this course, one half of a paragraph totally caught his attention. Basically, it was explaining that you could make money online by spamming people (at that time, spam was not yet illegal). So he started trying to make money online by sending spam emails to people to sell them some products (not info products).

Then he came across another ebook called “Auto-Responder Magic” which came with reseller rights when you were buying it. He sent some more spam to get people to buy this ebook from him, but in the process, he started to make a list out of these spam emails and was quickly able to have a 15,000 people list. This was the beginning of it all for Frank.

Frank Kern First Business: The Bust

The very first business that Frank Kern did put together was to group five pre-packaged Internet businesses, and name the package “Instant Internet Empires”. He was claiming that the users would be able to generate more than $115,000 per year using this product. However, by paying $47.77, buyers received the right to reproduce Frank website and the right to resell its content.

The only problem was that to reach the claimed $115,000 in earnings, the buyers had to resell this product to 2400 other people. This pyramid scheme meant that by the third level of the scheme, the buyers would have to resell more than 13.8 billion sales to reach the claimed $115,000 (which is only twice the earth’s population)

It appears that he was able to generate more than half a million dollar in less than a year with this business model. The only problem is that he got busted by FTC and his business got shut down.

Frank Kern: The Parrots Teacher

For some reason, Frank decided to tap into some niche markets. One of these niches was Parrots. Yep, I know that’s unexpected…

After doing some market research, and realizing that the parrot market was quite large and under-exploited, Frank hired a ghost-writer via Elance for $650 to write an Ebook called “Teach your parrot to talk”.

Being quite skilled at writing sales letters, Frank did all the promotional part of this project by himself. This Ebook quickly allowed him to earn more than $3,000 per month.

Frank Kern, Dogs and Positive Reinforcements

Pumped up by his recent success with parrots, Frank made some research with other type of pets and he decided to develop an info product for dog owners to teach them how to use positive reinforcement to make their dog obedient.

The interesting thing that Frank did with this product is that he developed websites for a plethora of dog breeds (he claims 600). This allowed the dog owners to relate more with the sales pitch, even though he was selling the exact same Ebook on every website.

He launched this business in 2005 and by 2006 he had made his first million dollar with this product. Then he sold the business to get into a new niche: Making Money Online.

Frank Kern Next Business: The Underachiever

The trouble Frank had with FTC didn’t stop him and after reaching success through pets info products he took yet another shot at internet success. He started building small niches websites with Ed Dale, and developed another information product called “Underachiever’s Mastery Course”. This course included lessons about locating highly profitable target markets, creating products and driving traffic to your sales pages.

Frank Kern: List Control

I’m not going to list every single info product Frank Kern launched on the internet because the list would be too long, but this list would definitely include List Control and the 4-Day Cash Machine method he gave away during its launch. This method explains how to put prospects under pressure with 4 days of emails to have them make a purchase during the 4 days directly following them signing up to the mailing list.

Frank Kern: He’ll Be Back

Over the years, Frank Kern built some strong copywriting skills thanks to his understanding of people, relationships and trust-building methods. Don’t get caught by the fact that he is branding himself as an underachiever, surfer dude who likes to just have fun, surf, play video games and not work: Frank is definitely a hard worker!

It’s been several months since I heard anything about Frank, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be back in the industry and you can expect him to come back with some quality products!

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  1. Affiliate Paying

    Another great post and caricature! Well done dukeo!

  2. Flash Games

    I’m not sure featuring someone who has already been convicted for creating shady products is a good idea…

    1. It took me some time to decide whether I should feature Frank or not, but he did a great job with List Control. Even though it does delete all the bad things he’s done before, it clearly gives him some credit regarding online marketing.

  3. Frank Kern is just a fraud! I mean, take a step back and watch what he’s done so far… Except List Control, there is not a single valuable product in his profile!

    1. List Control wasn’t a fraud… You are contradicting yourself in this comment. And anyway, everyone deserves a second chance. And he clearly made something valuable with his.

  4. First Website

    Did you already take time to make a Google Images search for Frank Kern? The guy branded himself as a cool surfer guy when in fact in a lot of pics he is a guy in a suit with a scary face…

  5. Frank

    Wow !

    I am in intrigued(had to spellcheck that word) by this guy!

    Sounds like a right con, but at least he’s made his money, who doesn’t lie or exaggerate for a bit of extra cash?

    I will definitely research some of the products he has made.

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