Who is Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse?

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I’m pretty excited to start this new month by a post in the “Who is” series. This is really encouraging because so far these posts received very positive feedback, especially the posts about Shoemoney and John Chow. I also invite you to check the very detailed post about dk because this guy is both nice and talented. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of the most famous bloggers worldwide: Darren “Problogger” Rowse.

Darren Problogger Rowse

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: Who is he?

Darren Rowse is a full-time professional blogger born on April 27, 1972; living in Melbourne, Australia; who started blogging in 2002. Since that year, he blogged on over 30 blogs and started living from this passion in 2005.

As Darren is working in the online industry, it’s not really a surprise to learn that he studied Marketing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology but it is more unexpected to learn that he also studied Theology at Whitley College.

Darren has a wide range of professional activities: he is a writer, blogger, speaker, consultant and founder of a huge number of blogs such as Problogger.net, Digital Photography School, TwiTip and FeelGooder. He is also among the co-founders of the b5media blog network.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: Where it all started

In November 2002, he was working as a part-time minister, for an online department store and also as a casual laborer when he did randomly read an article about blogging. As innocent as it seemed at that time, this was one of these life-changing experiences.

Less than 24 hours after reading this article, he had started his first personal blog: Living Room.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse, The first blog: Living Room

In his first blog Living Room, Darren was writing about living in Australia, Religion (the emerging church movement) and Spirituality, Pop-culture, Politics and all the other topics that were coming to his mind.

This first blog was enlightening for Darren as he learned all the basics on blogging that later helped him start other blogs such as “Digital Photography Blog”.

Darren “Digital Photography Blog” Rowse

In 2003, after a year of blogging, he started Digital Photography Blog and discovered AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate program. This is when he discovered that with advertising he could cover his ISP and hosting costs then even make a part-time income.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: ProBlogger.net

Darren Rowse started Problogger on September 24, 2004. The first reason for this blog launch was documenting what he was learning about making money from blogging.

At that time, Darren was starting new blogs regularly (up to 20 blogs running at the same time) and experimenting income and advertising sources. It first started by a dedicated post category about Blogging on his primary blog (Living Room), but his regular readers didn’t react well to this, so he decided to launch a full blog about the subject.

Since it’s opening ProBlogger is presenting an impressive amount of articles, tips, tutorials and case studies to help other bloggers learn about blogging, share experiences and promote blogging as a recognized information-sharing medium.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: 2005, THE year

In December 2004, seeing his earnings from previous months, Darren decided that he would go full-time with blogging and would drop his other jobs.

It was without taking Google into consideration, and he had a complicated January month as a lot of his websites had been “slapped” by a Google update, sucking in 3/4 of his monthly earnings. Hopefully, in the end of January 2005, another Google update almost restored all his Google rankings to their previous positions, allowing him to make a full-time income from his online activities.

Darren “b5media” Rowse

In september 2005, Darren embarked on his biggest blogging project ever by co-founding b5media with 3 other bloggers: Jeremy Wright, Shai Coggins and Duncan Riley.

The blog network is composed of over 300 blogs and is one of the largest new media networks in the world with 3.5 million unique visitors per month and 15 million page views per month.

Darren “Digital Photography School” Rowse

After starting his blog sharing tips about Blogging, and inspired by his former blog “Digital Photography Blog”, Darren decided to start a blog to share tips on Digital Photography: in April 2006, “Digital Photography School” was born.

Digital Photography School quickly became his biggest blog with over a million visitors a month and a thriving forum area.

DPS has been a live case study for Darren and it allowed him to learn a lot about blogging: building a foundation of solid content, getting an initial design up, building a loyal readership and subscribers, building community, building a list, establishing a publishing routine, building a content creation team, building a team of community leaders, building relationships with other bloggers and partners, experimenting with monetization.

I strongly invite you to read this post about the 2 years launching phase of Digital Photography School because it’s full of golden nuggets about launching a long term project.

Darren “TwiTip” Rowse

Being the prolific blogger that he is, Darren couldn’t stop there and he started another blog called TwiTip on November 3, 2008.

TwiTip is a blog about Twitter and how to use it effectively. It’s a compilation of Twitter Tips (including Writing for Twitter, Branding, Growing a Following, Corporate Tweeting), News and Reviews of Tools.

This blog is aimed at those who want to improve their use of Twitter whether it be using it for personal reasons, to expand their personal brand, to promote their business etc.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

In 2009, Darren released a workbook titled “31 Days to Build a Better Blog“. I invite you to check it as it is a highly valuable resource for all the bloggers who want to kick start their blogs with a month long series of exercises.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: ProBlogger.com

In September 2009, Darren launched ProBlogger.com. This website is a private community of bloggers who come together to collaborate, learn and grow their blogs in a walled forum area.

Darren “FeelGooder” Rowse

November 17, 2010 is the birth day of Darren’s latest project: FeelGooder.

FeelGooder is aimed at being Darren’s most general blog. It covers a wide variety of subjects such as health, relationships, social good, work and finance to inform his readers in those areas.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: ProBlogger, The book

In 2008, Darren was approached by a publisher (Wiley) who asked him to write a book version of ProBlogger. In a joint effort with another blogger (Chris Garrett), he wrote ProBlogger the Book: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income.

This book is specifically written for new bloggers and is filled with tips and infos about building a successful blog. If you are new to blogging or if you want to start a blog in the near future, this book is definitely a must-read.

Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse: Where to find him?

If you want to learn more about Darren Rowse, check Problogger’s website. You can also follow him on twitter to get fresh updates.

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  1. Dino Vedo

    One of the first sites I visited to learn about blogging… great stuff!

    1. Flash Games

      Same for me. He helped me discover the tremendous blogging world and I could never thank him enough for that!

    2. Darren Rowse is definitely a great blogger and ProBlogger is a very useful resource with articles which are generally nicely detailed but not too long either.

  2. Shad

    I used to visit Darren’s blog a lot too when I was just discovering the blogosphere, but then I moved to other blogs which are actually really sharing ways to make money online and not just general stuff about blogging.

    1. First Website

      He’s like a snake biting his own tail and going in circles… Blogging about blogging sounds sounds a little pointless!

    2. Well, that’s what ProBlogger is about: blogging and helping you take your blogging experience to new levels. Monetization is one of blogging aspects, but there are some other blogs out there which are more targeted on this subject.

  3. Dana

    Oh! I really didn’t know that he had anything to do with religious stuff… Maybe that’s why he turned into a blogging preacher :D

    1. hehe good one.
      Are you a regular visitor of his blogging church? ;)

  4. Samie

    He started blogging when he was 30yo and you started your blog on your 30th birthday… Coincidence? I doubt it!

    1. I second that!

    2. I didn’t know that when I launched Dukeo, but that may be what you can call karma ;)

  5. Mitch

    I already heard some very positive feedback about Darren Rowse but I didn’t know about his workbook “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”.

    There is a good chance I’ll give it a try as I’m pretty sure it will be filled with great information.

    1. I didn’t buy it yet, but as it’s low priced, there is not much risk buying it: this will always be a good read.

  6. Mike

    I can’t really explain why, but Darren Rowse always looked utterly arrogant to me. Never liked him and probably never will.

    I don’t need him, he doesn’t need me, everything is perfect!

  7. Anyl Thapa

    problogger is just a tricky. Everyone wants easy money i.e blogging and problogger is a blog about blogging so the max visitors gathered there for common purpose i.e easy way to earn. But earning from blogging is not a easy job. thats the fact..

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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