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When to Publish Blog Posts – Timing Considerations

In this series on how to craft a blog post, everything we’ve covered so far plays a role in how well your post is received by your readers. Do they get value from your content and are they engaged with your blog?

We’ve talked about choosing your topic, writing your headlines, crafting an opening line, answering the question “So What?, effective calls to action, adding depth, quality control and polishing your post before publishing. Today I’m going to cover publishing times because this, too, has an effect on whether or not your readers get your message.

When Should You Publish Your Posts – Timing Factors To Consider

Before I get into any specifics let me first stay that I think you can over-think posting times. Granted some days of the week are slower than others, and some holidays you might as well not even bother. But for the most part, if you have something to say and you put together a quality post, it’s going to get read no matter when you publish.

That said, let’s time a look at some timing factors.

Weekends: In most niches, weekends are typically slower. People are spending time running errands, visiting with family and friends, or taking mini-vacations.

Mid-week: Generally, the best days to publish are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This gives everyone time to catch up on the RSS feeds and email that accumulated over the weekend and they haven’t yet started planning for the weekend. They have time now to read your new post and it’s not going to get lost in the shuffle.

Public holidays: Public holidays are sometimes slower than weekends. People are spending time with family, traveling, attending holiday parties, you know the drill. What would you rather do – attend an exciting Christmas party or catch up on your blog reading?

What time should you post: The best thing you can do here is monitor your traffic to see when people are visiting your blog. Every blog is different because each audience is different.

If you can see a peak time when people are reading your blog, time you posts to publish just before so they always see fresh content when they arrive.

If you don’t yet have the stats to make an informed decision, vary your posting times and watch for peak interaction times. Are there a lot of comments or shares at a certain time each day?

The main takeaway here is this: Don’t get too caught up in posting times and days because you just never know. If you’ve never published a post a midnight, try it. You might be surprised. It only takes one person linking to your content to bring in a whole new audience.

Next up in the series I’ll be talking about 13 ways to promote your blog posts. Lucky Number 13!

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