When Should You Add a Newsletter to Your Blog?


Personally, I’m more likely to join another blogger’s list if he’s using a newsletter to generate leads. I have enough free ebooks and mini-guides to last me a lifetime and they just don’t trip my trigger anymore. But tell me you’ll send me an exciting, action-packed newsletter every week and count me in. So, when should you add a newsletter to your blog? How does, “Yesterday” sound?

I know it might seem like an impossible stretch if you’re a brand new blogger. You have so many other things to learn and so many balls to juggle, the last thing you want to think about is a newsletter and all the little tasks it entails like setting up an Aweber subscription form, and actually writing a newsletter that someone would want to subscribe to.

But here are three reasons you should consider starting a newsletter as early as possible…

Turn early readers into loyal followers

Every new blog kicks off with zero readers and the traffic builds gradually. Having a newsletter captures those early readers and turns them into loyal followers.

When you first launch your blog you may have five visitors today and another five tomorrow and another six the next day, but they’re all different readers. None of them are repeat visitors and some of them will probably never be back.

But if each of those visitors subscribe to your newsletter, next week they’ll be back to your blog, along with the new visitors who found your blog organically. Instead of just 30 one-time visitors, now you’ll have 60, and the numbers will increase exponentially.

Capturing early readers brings in more readers

Pack your newsletter with lots of fresh, unique content and include a reminder for your subscribers to share it with their friends. Let your subscribers help pull in new subscribers. Always include a link to your opt-in form to make it easy for anyone to find it and subscribe.

Discipline and Routine

Trust me, even if you have no plans for a newsletter now, you will in the future. A year from now, or even six months, is too late. You’re already going to be bogged down in daily blogging tasks and you’ll have no room in your schedule for cranking out a newsletter and loading it up at Aweber.

Start your newsletter right along with your blog and it becomes just another task on your daily Things-To-Do list. But wait until you’re already buried up to your ears and you’ll never get started, and it’s one of the most important things you can do for your blog in terms of reader engagement and traffic generation.

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Stéphane Kerwer
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