What Is Linkbaiting? Crash Course On Attracting Links

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The thing about linkbaiting is, if the blogger is doing it right, you won’t realize it’s linkbait.

In fact, there are posts designed to be linkbait on every single blog you visit,

but the only time you ever see the word is when someone is blatantly trying to attract links.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused, let’s talk about linkbaiting.

An Introduction to Linkbaiting

In a nutshell, the word “linkbaiting” is used to describe a variety of techniques that bloggers use to attract incoming links.

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But it’s not quite that simple.

Given the value that Google places on your blog’s incoming links, it’s easy to see why every blogger wants more.

So over the years they’ve become very creative in their endeavors.

They run silly contests, they offer rewards or link exchanges, they create flamboyant content with no relevancy, and they may even resort to controversial posts attacking other bloggers to attract attention.

These bloggers give linkbaiting a bad reputation which harms the entire blogging community because it’s made bloggers less willing to link out to other blogs.

Even if they like the content, the idea that another blogger might see you’ve fallen for the bait – or worse, that Google might see it and penalize your blog – makes a lot of bloggers hesitate and back away.

We Shouldn’t Even Use The Word “Linkbait

Many bloggers sit up and take notice when they hear the word “linkbait.

They think they’re going to learn some mysterious one-step marketing technique that’s going to bring in a flood of traffic.

But, like I said, when it’s done properly, you don’t even realize you’re reading linkbait and you certainly don’t see any of those comments calling the blogger out.

In fact, many of the techniques people use are just good, standard practices for creating quality content, the type of content that people just naturally link to without giving it a second thought.

I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, so maybe we shouldn’t even use the word.

It has such a negative connotation, and so many bloggers try to use it to game the system.

Let’s Look At The Positive Side Of Linkbaiting

When done properly, it benefits everyone.

Your readers because you’ve obviously written some top-notch content if it’s attracting all those links.

Your blog because it’s attracting all those links.

You, because you look like an expert.

And the blogs that link to you because they’re able to provide more value for their readers by sending them to your blog.

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