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It never hurts to diversify your income when you’re working online. The rules of warfare sometimes change overnight in the world of Internet Marketing and it’s always best to have more than one source of income. Selling advertising space on your blog is a great way to bring in extra money, but how do you find advertisers for your website?

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Clean up your blog

Before you even get started you should know that most advertisers are looking for blogs with traffic. Plenty of traffic. That said, get to work on building your traffic numbers if you don’t already have around 1,000 unique visitors daily.

Advertisers will also be looking for a site with a clean, professional design. Clean, as in not cluttered with lots of irrelevant, junk banners and ads, and professional as in, well, get rid of the cutesy, eye-popping graphics and make your blog look like the business it truly is.

It should be immediately obvious to your readers – and your potential advertisers – what you blog is about, what niche you’re blogging in, and who your target audience is. This is just standard operating procedure, whether you’re looking for advertisers or not.

Let them know you accept advertisers

The fist thing to do is put some of those “Advertise Here” signs on your own blog and then link them to a page with information. Potential advertisers will be looking for the following information:

  • Your unique visitors for the previous month
  • Your Google Page Rank
  • Your pageviews for the previous month
  • Average Time on Site
  • Your Bounce Rate

In the beginning you may not want to put specific advertising rates on your Advertiser’s page. After all, you really can’t promise any results until you start building some kind of track record. Unless you have an astronomical amount of traffic, let the advertisers contact you for rates and then negotiate with them individually.

How to Find Advertisers for Your Website

You’ve let them know you have space available but, just like in the offline world, the best way to get advertisers is to go out there and find them instead of waiting for them to find you.

Incoming links: Look to see who’s linking to your site. Chances are, if they think your site is good enough to link to, they might also like to buy some advertising space. Send them a polite email letting them know you have space available.

Contacts: Watch who’s leaving comments on your blog or sending you emails with comments or questions. Check out their webistes and if it looks like they might be interested in advertising, send them an email.

Adwords advertisers: If you’re already using Google Adsense on your blog, watch the advertisers that pop up. If they’re already using Adwords, chances are they’d also be interested in purchasing direct advertising on your blog. Do the same if you’re using Kontera, Text-Link-Ads, or any of the other advertising networks.

Keep a bookmark file: As you visit other blogs throughout the day, keep a bookmark folder of blogs or website you think might be good potential advertisers and send off a few emails each week.

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    Thanks for such useful tips. But, dayyum! 1000 unique visitors daily is A LOT! :o

    1. It’s really not that much… But it will take time to reach that point.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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