Visitors’ Questions: A Good Strategy To Increase Interaction With Your Readers

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You don’t always have to wait until you’re struggling with writer’s block to do something about it. The best defense is a good offense. If you take proactive steps you can help head it off at the pass. For example, start taking questions from your readers.

Ask Your Readers For Questions

Write a new blog post to let your readers know you’d like to start fielding their questions. Put a link at the end of every post that leads to a contact form so your visitors don’t have to leave your blog. Promote this even further by setting up a special category for your weekly question and answer session.

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One word of caution, though. If you’re going to start this, be prepared to take the time to answer these questions. Nothing will hurt your credibility more than to tell your readers to ask you a question and then ignore them. If you’re going to use this as regular weekly content for your blog, make sure you work it into your editorial calendar.

Ask Questions Of Your Readers

If you’re really stuck, ask your readers a question. Even if you know the answer. Don’t turn it into a poll or a survey – ask them a real question. For example, if you’re looking for some new image editing software, tell your readers why you’re looking and ask them to recommend their favorite and tell you a little about it.

One word of caution, here, too. If you want to look like a real expert in your niche, don’t use this one too often. Your readers might wonder who’s actually writing your blog. It’s also a good idea to make sure your questions are relevant to your niche and your audience.

Start A Questions File

Almost every blog post you write can be broken down into smaller questions. For example, this article you’re reading right now. One question that comes to mind immediately is, “How do you increase reader engagement?” One answer is, “Ask your readers a question.

As you’re writing every post, as you’re reading all those other blogs, as you’re conducting your research, always be on the lookout for questions you can both answer for your readers and ask your readers. Put those questions into a file for those days when you’re battling blogger’s block and you’ll never be without content ideas again.

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