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Using Linkbait to Gain Dozens of Targeted Links to Your Site

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With Google gradually tightening the screws on various link building techniques it’s become increasingly important to focus on developing natural backlinks, the links you generate by providing top-quality content that other bloggers want to link to and that your visitors want to share. Here are some tips for using linkbait to gain dozens of targeted links to your site.

Think In Superlatives

Before you even start creating your linkbait you need to understand what type of content attracts attention. And not just a trickle of attention. You want enough attention to make your content go viral, shared by hundreds or thousands of readers and linked to by hundreds of blogs. The answer is: The Best.

Think in superlatives. Instead of telling your readers about a new WordPress plug-in for social sharing, tell them about the Best WordPress Plug-in For Facebook. Superlatives create a stronger emotional response. For example, the word “fastest” is more exciting than simply “fast” :

  • How To Use Google For Fast Search Results
  • How To Use Google For The Fastest Search Results On The Internet

Superlatives usually end in -est or they’re preceded by the word “most”:

  • Prettiest
  • Funniest
  • Easiest
  • Most Successful
  • Most Enlightening
  • Most Awesome

Be The First To Break The News

If you can be the first with breaking news or the first to introduce an amazing product then everyone else out there will be linking to you as their source of information. If you can’t be the first to break the news, then be the first to present it with an in-depth analysis or a touch of humor or a controversial stance – something to take advantage of the newsworthiness yet make you stand out from the crowd.

Grab Them By Their… Egos

You want those big name bloggers linking out to you because when they do they’re readers will follow and they’ll share your content and link out to you from their own blogs. The trick is getting those guys to sit up and take notice. Get creative and put together a list post that shines the spotlight on your top 10 chosen bloggers. Be slightly controversial. Be humorous. Be a butt-kisser. Contact them for quotes. You decide. Just don’t do one of those “Top 10 Bloggers I Follow On Twitter” posts. Those mashups are old and boring.

Invite A Celebrity Guest

Instead of busting your hump trying to get one of those A-list bloggers to accept your guest post, why not interview them for your blog? As Google continues to crack down on linkbuilding, bloggers are going to be more and more careful about who they accept guest posts from. And interviews with influential people always make great linkbait.

Don’t just fire off a list of questions to every Tom, Dick and Harry, though. Have a specific article idea in mind that’s relevant to both parties and pitch it just like you’d pitch a guest blog post.

Humor And Cute Kittens

Funny jokes and picture of cuddly kittens will always get you shares, but they don’t necessarily bring in a lot of links. People are always willing to share a laugh but they’re more likely to link to you if you’re also providing information. So go ahead and use the dancing baby or the fuzzy ball of fur, but make sure there’s some informative bait on your hook, too.

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