Top 10 Posts of May 2012

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At the end of every month, I’m featuring a list of the most popular posts of the last 30 days. This is an interesting way of showcasing some posts that you might have missed.

This month again, I’ve posted some interesting content in these categories: Mindset, SEO, Blogging, WordPress, Books, and Monetization. Please take a few minutes to go through this list and see what these posts are about.

I hope you find some interesting posts in this list! I’m already working on some great content for the coming month! Stay tuned!

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  1. David

    Thanks Steven, you’ve made some quality contributions to the blogging community over the last year. You have a unique perspective and a cool blog as well.

    I think your blog will gain in popularity as time goes by.

  2. Jeffreyskang

    It makes tons of sense to feature the most popular posts. If these posts got the most attention, it’s likely that other readers will enjoy them, too.

    1. David

      yes, that is most likely true. popular posts have been a strategy that many have employed. Most likely because it is effective at keeping readers on the site.

  3. Melissa

    I’m sure that reading all these posts can really give everyone much useful information

    1. Jeffreyskang

      i have read all of these posts and i’m ready for more.

    2. David

      Yes, there is a lot of useful information here on Dukeo and Ste’s unique perspective is unique as well

  4. Affiliate Manager

    It would be interesting to see a breakdown of total posts per month over the past year or so :)

    1. Jeffreyskang

      Are you talking about finding out post consistency, as John Chow believes is the reason why he’s reached $40k per month?

    2. Affiliate Manager

      Yes, post consistency is obviously important and it’d be interesting to see how frequently Steven has been posting :)

    3. David

      I think he has been posting pretty much daily. is that right, Ste?

    4. I have posted at least once per day since Dukeo was started. And there has been months when I’ve been posting twice per day.

      I’ll let you do the math: Dukeo was started on January 29th 2011, and at the moment of writing this comment, I have published 752 posts.

  5. Jeffreyskang

    hm, i wonder if dukeo is ever going to do some split testing on whether or not these top 10’s will get even more traffic if he changed the layout to more of a landing page…

    1. David

      Well, if he does, I hope he reports it here.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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