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Top 10 Hallmarks of Outstanding Content

outstanding blog content

It Makes the Reader Use an “F” Word

The best content makes a connection and evokes a strong, emotional reaction in the reader. When they’re done reading your content, if your readers say, “Wow! That was Fantastic!” then you know you’ve written some outstanding content. Try to write “F”resh content that evokes reactions like – That was fabulous! That was fierce! Or – “How fascinating! I didn’t know that!

It’s Direct and To-The-Point

A good blogger knows how to write an article that’s direct and to the point. Most people are coming to your blog for the answer to one question, and one question only. If your post takes a meandering stroll down memory lane and they can’t find the answer amid all the babble, they’re going to leave and never come back.

It Serves a Purpose

A great blog post solves a problem, answers a question or provides entertainment. A terrible post just … sits there. If the reader leaves your page trying to remember why he came there in the first place then you’ve written a terrible blog post.

It’s Unique

An outstanding blog post is one that presents a unique idea, or one that presents an idea in a unique way. For example, you may have a new idea for getting more clicks with Adwords. Or, you might have the perfect infographic that explains how to set up a Facebook fan page so easily anyone can do it.

It’s Controversial – In a Good Way

Controversy is spicy and exciting and, when executed properly, it attracts readers from both sides of the issue. Be fair and present both sides of the story, without naming names, and let your readers make up their own minds which side they want to come down on.

It’s Thought Provoking

I love reading blog posts that make me say, “What if…?” That means the idea was well-presented and easy to understand and I can see it’s applications in my own life or business. It also means I’ll probably bookmark that post so I can keep referring back to it while I work out how to fit it into my own plans.

It’s Clear and Concise

An outstanding blog post is clear and concise, especially if it’s a How-To post. The steps should be in order, with no steps missing and each step should be clearly explained. If the reader can follow your directions successfully then you’ve written an outstanding blog post.

It’s Memorable

I sometimes bookmark dozens of blog posts a day. Every month or so I go weed them out, only looking at the bookmark, not the entire post. The truly memorable blog posts survive. The others? Well … And what do I consider memorable? Typically it’s a post that’s truly useful that I’m sure I’ll want to refer back to. And often they’re posts that I want to remember to share.

It’s Sharable

Which brings me to sharable content. Think about the posts you share with your friends and followers. What makes them sharable? They’re humorous, or informative. Often they’re list posts or links posts. Images, videos and infographics are popular, too.

It’s Packed With Information

I love reading a blog post that links out to plenty of resources, especially when those links lead to other blogs and websites. This lets me know the blogger has done his research and I can trust him. Plus, I appreciate the exposure to new sources of information. In my mind, outstanding content is packed with information relevant to my question. And I’ve never yet stopped following a blog because they linked out to someone else.

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