Timeless Blogging: 3 Lessons Everybody Should Read

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You read all this blogging advice about how you have to “enjoy” your topic and “have fun” and “be yourself” but in reality we’re talking about your future here. Your financial future. Empires aren’t built on rainbows and lollipops and that means you need to come in off the playground, put down your teddy bear, and get to work. Here are three timeless blogging lessons for mature adults who want to earn big money with their blog.

You Need To Be Passionate About Your Business

Yes, it’s helpful if you’re passionate about your topic. You’re going to be blogging about it for a very long time and it just makes it that much more difficult if you’re blogging about something in which you have no interest.

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That said, there are dozens of bloggers out there who make very good money blogging about acne medication and hemorrhoid creams. Do you really think they’re “passionate” about these topics? Of course not. They’re passionate about building a successful blogging business and they’re smart enough to realize that Health Care Products are always one of the top money-making niches.

One successful blog promoting one product will not put you on the A-list. You’re eventually going to need to create multiple streams of income, just like any other successful business person. In order to create opportunities, recognize them when they appear, and take advantage of them you’re going to need to be passionate about building a long-term sustainable business.

You Need To Treat Your Blog Like A Business

But maybe these bloggers are working in these niches because they really “just want to help people,” like so many bloggers claim. “I’m blogging because I want to share my wisdom and experience and help people have a better life.” If you can’t admit, at least to yourself, that you’re in this for the money, then you might as well hang up your bloggin’ shoes.

It’s fine if your readers think you’re blogging out of the goodness of your heart, but you need to admit to yourself that you’re building a business. By playing it off as charity work you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re excusing your lack of focus, determination and drive and accepting the fact that you’re “helping people” as compensation for all your hard work. If you worked in a factory making baby formula you’d be helping people, too, but you wouldn’t do it for free.

There’s so much more to building a money-making blog than just writing a blog post every day. All the little tasks like link building, networking, guest blogging, analytics, anc research are essential if you want to build a business. If you’re not in the proper mindset then your blog will always be nothing more than a hobby.

You Have To Be Committed

Working from home, at their own pace, on their own schedule, is what attracts a lot of people to blogging. Working online is also attractive, especially if you enjoy computers and everything the Internet has to offer. But, as I said earlier, it’s not all fun and games.

If you want to make that A-list of bloggers then you need to be committed to your goal. That means you have to work a regular schedule, you have to be able to ignore all the distractions that come with working online at home, and you have to be willing to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, even on your gloomiest days.

Oddly enough, these timeless lessons apply to any type of business, not just blogging. Ask any successful business person and they’ll tell you that business empires aren’t built on pink, fluffy clouds. They’re built on hard work, good business skills and passion.

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