Ten Rules for Profitable Blog Startups


Starting your first blog an overwhelming experience because there are some many new things to learn and so many decisions to make. Here are 10 rules to help you start a profitable blog and remember – this list is for startups, people starting a new blog.

1. Narrow Your Focus – Narrow your focus when choosing a topic for your blog. It’s much easier to present yourself as an expert if you focus on one key issue and you’ll have a lot less competition. For example, instead of blogging about dogs in general, a very competitive niche, blog about training your Jack Russel terrier for obstacle course competitions.

2. Be Unique – Even with a narrow niche you’re bound to have competition but don’t let that hold you back. Find a way to make yourself and your blog stand out from the crowd. Use humor or sarcasm, videos or cartoons, become known as “the problem solver” and find unique ways to use the products you promote. Be creative and be unique and you’ll soon attract your own audience.

3. Be Yourself – Don’t try to pass yourself off as someone or something you’re not. If you’re not an expert on everything in your niche, you soon will be. In the meantime, blog about what you know.

4. Be Firm – Plot your course of action and stick to it. This includes avoiding all those shiny baubles you see out there in Blogger Land. Even more important, don’t change your voice or your content to try to please one tiny segment of your audience because you run the risk of alienating everyone else. Stick to your guns and stick to your plan.

5. Focus On Readers – Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and look at the content you’re providing. Is it answering their questions? Are you just providing information that they could find anywhere else on the web, or are you adding value by telling your readers how and why this information is relevant to them?

6. Think Of Yourself – When creating your blog, think about what you’d like to see if you were your own reader. What is it that excites you about your topic? If someone were to create a new product in your niche, what would you like it to be?

7. Be Greedy – So many bloggers start out saying they’re blogging because they want to help people. That’s fine. But it’s also OK to admit you’re blogging because you want to make money. In fact, if you admit to yourself and everyone around you that you’re in it to make money you’ll be more likely to treat your blog like a business – which is what it takes if you really want to make money.

8. Be Flexible – You’re going to make mistakes, and technology changes so quickly these days you’ll probably also run up against a few brick walls. But you’re also going to trip over some amazing marketing ideas as you’re learning. Stay on course but realize that you’re also going to have to be flexible and ready to react on a moment’s notice.

9. Be Bold – The income opportunities online are literally unlimited. You can build any type of business you want. But all successful business owners have had to take risks, whether they’re working online or off. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Very few mistakes in the blogging world are irreversible.

10. Start Small – Ever blogger wants to be THAT blogger who makes $1,000 in his first week online. While it’s possible, it takes a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start small and don’t add another layer to your business until the foundation below it is strong and secure. Before you know it, you’ll have a strong, profitable blogging empire.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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