Successful Blog Business: How to Build Yours

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Anyone can start a blog. In fact, your kids probably have a blog and you just don’t know it. But starting a blog and building a successful blog business are two entirely different things. Unless you understand that difference you’ll always be just another blogger. One of millions scattered all across the Internet. Here’s how to build a successful, sustainable blog business.

build a successful blog business

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Do the research: No successful entrepreneur starts any kind of business without doing a substantial amount of research first.

Invest in infrastructure: There are millions of bloggers out there right now using free web hosting and free blogging sites. They’re using free themes, free templates, even whole free sites. But you’re in this for the long haul and you need an infrastructure that’s built to last, just like any brick and mortar business.

You wouldn’t risk your entire financial future by setting up a bakery in a building that’s about to crumble down around your ears just because the landlord gave you free rent for the first 6 months. You need to think about those same infrastructure questions when you’re building a blogging business. Build your blogging business on a solid foundation so you don’t have to worry about moving it in the future when you start getting bombarded by traffic.

Invest in branding: Creating your brand is especially important when your working online where the competition is fierce and searchers have the attention span of a gnat. Investing in logo and website design to help brand you blog is well worth the money. Yes, you’ll save a few bucks if you just use a free theme or even one of the premium these you’ll find online. But when your blog finally takes off you’re going to want a custom design to establish your brand.

Switching your blog design after you’ve already developed some regular traffic can create some confusion and maybe even cost you some of your traffic. If you can afford it, investing in your brand and design is just as important as investing ini your infrastructure.

Create unique, compelling content: If you did your research before getting started then you already know who your major competitors are and what they’re doing to get the traffic. It’s important that you create content for your blog that’s unique, and not just in the way it’s worded. You already know you have competition out there. What do you plan to do to make your blog better? There’s plenty of traffic out there but you need to give them a reason to come over to your blog.

Generate a list: From the very beginning you need to be generating a list of leads. Make sure at least one opt-in form and some type of offer are included in your initial blog design so you’re ready when the very first visitor hits your blog. If you always make lead generation a priority you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Be consistent: The key to developing a loyal following and continuously growing traffic numbers it to be consistent in everything you do. If you’re going to use email marketing – which you should – then send out your emails at the same time of day, on the same days every week. Your readers will quickly learn to expect your emails and you’ll have a much better open rate.

Add fresh content to your blog on a regular, consistent schedule so your readers can get comfortable with your blog. If your readers get used to seeing a new blog post every Tuesday and by Thursday you still haven’t posted, then they start to wonder. Go more than a week past your usual post time and they think you’ve decided to stop blogging all together.

When you start networking at the social sites, be consistent. Don’t bop in, make a lot of new contacts, and then forget about checking in for a few weeks. The Internet is littered with the ghosts of bloggers who set up sites and then just disappeared into Cyberspace and people are quick to forget. Be consistent in everything you do so people don’t have that chance to forget.

Promote your own products and services: You’ll soon learn that the best way to build a successful blog business with long term sustainability is to promote your own products and services. If you’re the only one selling your book, then you have no competition. Keep your eyes open from the very beginning so you can learn what it is your visitors are looking for that only you can provide. Then, if you can’t create the product or provide that service yourself, find someone who can.

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  1. Kevin Martin

    I also happen to think that it’s not wise to utilize nothing but free blogging tools (free domain names, free Web hosting, etc.) because that’s not a good way to build a long-term blog. I’ve had my bad experiences with free hosts, so I’d never go that route again.

    The one thing my blog is lacking in is branding. I still have to get a logo designed to make my blog stand out.

    This is a nicely-written post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing it, Steven.

    1. Using only free resources has only one consequence: making you look cheap. If one is serious about building a blogging business, they should be aware of that.

      Getting a logo is quite important in term of branding, it will help people remember your site.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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