Stress-Free Blogging: Six Steps to a Healthy Blog

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If you’ve just started blogging then you’re probably thinking this is the most stress-free life you could possibly imagine. And it is, until you start doing it fulltime with the goal of making money. Once blogging becomes your business then there are certain tasks that must be accomplished in a timely fashion if you want to be successful. And once you start talking about time and money, that leads to stress. Here are six steps to a stree-free blogging habit that will help you remember why you started blogging in the first place.

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stress free blogging habit

Manage your time wisely

Check email once in the morning and once at the end of the day – and keep the window closed in between. Stay off of Facebook and Twitter. Exit your chat programs. And if you have to, blog access to those celebrity blogs you like to visit. In other words, treat blogging just like a job. Get your work done first and then you can relax and chat.

Schedule your tasks

Set up a calendar and assign a specific day and time for every task you handle. Check stats once a month, check email once a day, write a blog post every day, write two articles for directories every Wednesday, write a guest blog post every Friday… whatever it is you do throughout the week, schedule it on a calendar.

You’re more likely to budget your time wisely if you have a list of “things to do” in front of you and you’re more likely to get everything accomplished if you can watch yourself marking items off the list. A big part of stress comes from seeing all the work pile up because you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish.

Work ahead

Most of the work of blogging is writing blog posts. Write an extra evergreen blog posts once a week and put it in a file. If you have an extra hour at the end of a day, write another blog post. These extra posts will come in handy if you have an emergency or you need time to work on a special project. And eventually, you’re going to want to take a vacation, too.

Schedule your posts

Personally, I have days where I don’t want to have to write a blog post. When I’m working on a special project I find it distracting to have to stop and write a post. Instead, I spend two days writing the posts for the week then I load them up on my blog and schedule the publication. By Tuesday afternoon my blogging is done and I can get to work on promotion or other projects.

Keep a folder for ideas

How many times have you had a really great idea for a blog post and then when you actually sit down to write you can’t remember what it was? It happens to me all the time. You waste a lot of time trying to remember, then you waste even more time trying to come up with something else to write about. I just open up my notepad, write it down, and save it to an “Idea File.” Now I always have something to blog about.

Keep an image folder

Sometimes I spend more time looking for an image than I do actually writing the darn post. Now I also keep an image folder for those times when I happen across the perfect image somewhere and I know I’ll be able to use it later. Remember to make sure you’re using images legally and save any attribution information along with the image. And label your images so you can easily find them when you’re ready.

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  1. Kimberlee Lockhart

    As a baby blogger, your emphasis on cutting out distractions ie. Twitter, chats etc. are invaluable. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome Kimberlee! Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Distractions were probably among my my biggest struggles when I was just starting working online. The internet is full of websites on which you can literally spend hours. ;)

  2. Kulwant Nagi

    Blogging is such a wonderful business as well as passion that it attract many newbies because of time and money freedom. But this is also true that blogging can be done with proper management only.

    You have pointed very well that we must schedule our work for better control on our tasks and effective future output. Scheduling posts can give us relief and we can work on other projects with more concentration.

    I liked the point to keep ideas in folder because having ideas is the biggest thing in blogging. You can never have success if you don’t have any idea in mind.

    1. Thank you for your comment Kulwant! People get misleaded in thinking that making money blogging is a get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately for them, it’s all but that! It requires consistant work and dedication, and unless you treat it like a real business, you’ll most likely not get anywhere.

  3. Great tips. Being a parent to an active boy, I have started managing my online activities as well and some of your tips here are what I am now doing — I schedule my social media time, I draft whenever possible, and I take note where to get images.

    1. Hellow Cris! I’m glad to hear that you’re managing things well.

  4. Lillian Leon

    Err… I was just in the middle of writing a post when I came across your article on Triberr lol. You’re not wrong – social media is my biggest distraction. Okay, over and out!! Thanks again Steven :)

    1. Haha Lillian! If you manage to reduce distractions when you’re in “writing mode”, you’ll be more focused and get things done faster. Believe me.

  5. Susan Silver

    I do not keep an image folder, but it would be a good idea. I would worry though of losing the aspect of attribution that is so important. If they were images I paid for it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I use a lot of creative commons.

    1. What you can do is keep a .txt file in that folder with the right attribution for each picture :)

  6. One thing I have found helpful in avoiding distractions is limiting my blog-reading, twittering, FaceBooking, etc. to my iPod, which I only use when (a) I’m away from the computer, & (b) my kids are otherwise occupied. When I’m sitting at my desk, the only thing I do is write.

    The idea file – love it! I do something similar, in that I immediately open a Word doc & jot down any quick thoughts I had on the topic. If I come across a website or blog later that I know would come in handy to quote or glean info from, I save the link right in that same document. The post practically writes itself when I open one of these pages full of notes.

    Thanks for the great tips – glad to know I’m on the right track! :)

    1. Separating tasks by device is an interesting approach. When I was still a student and wanted to limit the time I was spending playing video games, I created 2 accounts on my computer: 1 for work, 1 for entertainment. It may be another interesting approach.

  7. Mad.madrasi

    The idea folder and image folder are great tips. Thanks. I always think up a good idea while driving or on the morning walk and forget it by the time I sit down to blog.

    (I don’t carry my cell phone during jogs and can’t obviously while driving) :-D

    1. This is why I always keep either my cellphone or a Moleskine with me. :) When you are driving, you can just record yourself with your phone…

    2. Mad.madrasi

      :-D Both are great ideas. Only problem is half the time I drive, I ride my bike, not drive a car. I’ll try the voice recorder on my droid when I’m in the car next time around.

    3. Be careful and avoid getting an accident! Only do that when you’re stopped at a red light :)

  8. Allie

    Sometimes I get ideas for posts while I read anything online or even offline. I will immediately create a voice memo or write something up and keep it in a “potential posts” folder on my desktop. And for keeping ideas quickly online and on my phone I love using Evernote.

    I love that you wrote to close the tabs and windows, that is definitely something I need to practice.


    1. Hey Allie, thanks for stopping by :)

      Voice memo is really a good idea. I do that too when I don’t have my Moleskine with me.

      Call me old-school, but I like to write things down in a real notebook. It helps me keep these ideas right in front of my eyes.

      Closing tabs definitely helps reducing distraction and you’re less tempted to surf away from what you have to do…

  9. Mukesh Dutta

    All of the points you have made are true in case of me. Thanks for the folder ideas…..I’ve already created three!

    1. Thank you for your comment Mukesh! I’m glad it helped :)

  10. Blogging is passion for me and earlier I used to be very stressed while blogging. Then I understood how we bloggers can live stress free life. I must say this post will also help me in getting rid of this habbit.

    1. Running your own business is a lot of hard-work and dedication and it often comes with a lot of stress. I’m glad to hear that you were able to find ways to handle this stress and get a better life for yourself.

  11. Mukeshkumar

    All your points make sense and I’m guilty of number one. I really agree with that last bit on point #5 though. However, I do set aside time for reading other blogs. That’s where I get most of the ideas..

    1. Proper time management can be tricky, but it’s really one of the keys to success.

      If you don’t manage your time properly, you’ll end up running in circles and complaining that you don’t have time to do anything.

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