Stop Trying: Then You Will Start To Make Money Online

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You are about to get a tip that may surprise you and leave you quite confused. However, it is one of the top tips you will receive if you are trying to start an online business. So what is the tip? Stop trying to make money online.

That simple statement may go against everything you believe to be true. After all, your goal is to make money. That means that you want to focus your energy on that goal. As a result, everything that you do is trying to make money online. In reality all you are doing is hurting your chances of success. Why? You are spending your time and putting your focus on the wrong things. Doing that will leave you with less income and more work. So what do you do?

stop trying to make money online

Well you first goal is to ensure that you are choosing a venture that you enjoy. If your business is a chore you will not want to do it and you will find that you are only working for those dollars. As that happens, the dollars decrease and you have no reason to continue. The result is a failed business that may have been entirely successful had it been tackled the right way. So, look at your options and pick something that you will find pleasure in every day that you have to work.

Once you know what you are going to do, focus on your audience. Do not look at your audience as a means to make money. Look at them as your fans. They are the people who are there for your business. They are reading and sharing your blog. They are subscribing. They will be the ones that eventually bring income in when the time is right. Focus on them. These are the people you should be pleasing. When that is your top priority, you will be surprised what can happen.

Now that you have your focus in the right place you can then concentrate on your content. You want top quality content and you want it for a reason. You are still trying to please that audience. What that means is that your content should always be a priority. Not because you want to make money, but because you want to earn a reputation among your subscribers and visitors.

What will surprise you is that when you focus on your audience, concentrate on producing top quality content and are always doing something you love. The money will begin rolling in. This is because what you are offering is now worth the money that you will be making. It is not because you are focused on earning that income. It is because you care enough about what you are doing to be sure that you do it well. It shows to your visitors, fans and subscribers. It shows in your reputation. Eventually it will show in your income and you will be glad that you changed your focus. So from this moment on, stop trying to make money online.

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  1. Dave

    Nice points Steven. what i fear though is that many people ‘must’ focus on the money because they have to meet life’s basic needs such as eating, feeding the family etc.

    There can be a balance, but I think it is necessary sometimes to focus more on revenue

    I understand your point though and it is a good one.

  2. Buysellwordpress

    You are absolutely right about everything that is mentioned above, because sometimes people really forget that except making money, they should also take care about their clients. They shouldn’t consider customers as just a source of money

  3. Andrew

    Thats so true. And if you don’t like what you’re doing at sime level, you won’t be motivated to get better at it

    1. Joseph

      To add more to Andrew’s comment, I’d like to point out that unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen. Therefore until you like what you do there’s no way you’d be motivated to get better at it. So Andrew I agree with you.

  4. I don’t have a product at this time. It is my hope to one day make a healthy passive income with my blog. Unfortunately I am finding it easy to get distracted from the writing while trying to figure out all the optimization and social media stuff. It really is hard in the beginning to put as much focus on the writing as I would like.

    1. Joseph

      Well Mike, I pray for you that you get what you really want – making a good income with your blog.

      As for coping with distraction I bet you need definitely need to get better at following a consistent schedule, remember this is exactly what you had pointed out sometime back at an article titled “How To Blog Without Killing Yourself”, you can find it here…

  5. Dmitriy

    If talking about blogging, you are right. One should concentrate on audience. Not on money.
    But money is an essential part of our life. How can I forget about them?

    1. Joseph

      Steven is obviously talking about blogging here, but this also applies quite well in real life.

      Dmitriy, I do agree with you that money is an essential part of our life, and of course I to can’t afford forgetting that, but what we should in a broader sense take into consideration is how to acquire the money. And now this is where this applies – we need to focus on the audience (or customers if it entails business) first because they are the ones to help us build the money.


  6. Joseph

    At first glance of this article’s title (Stop trying to make money online), I thought Ouch! Is Steven really discouraging us here? But after reading the article once I couldn’t help stopping going through it once again.

    Thanks a lot for this article for it gives me a focus.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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