Start with a Need – Battling Bloggers Block

One of the first things you learn about blogging is that searchers are going to come to your blog looking for something they need – an answer to a question, a cure for an illness, a solution for a problem. When you’re stumped for blog post ideas, think about the needs you can fill for your specific audience.

I think one of the biggest obstacles in a blogger’s path is the fact that most of us are not qualified teachers or problem-solvers. Not that we’re not experts in our niches, and not that we don’t try to provide the very best content possible. But we’ve never been taught how to teach. And if you think about it, people go to college for years to get a teaching degree so there must be something more to it than just writing good blog posts.

Consequently, we tend to take a broad view when we’re writing our content. For example, if your blog teaches people how to blog, then you’ve probably written your share of posts about how to set up a WordPress blog because you know your readers are going to need that information.

But, have you actually explained to your readers what WordPress is, how it started, how it’s evolved and why it’s such an ideal platform for beginning bloggers? Have you actually taken them to a c-panel and explained what that is and how they can use it to install WordPress? They need this information, too, because people learn better if they know what happens before and after the complete a task, and why they’re doing what they’re doing. And how can someone follow your direction to “go to their c-panel” when they don’t know what a c-panel is?

As another example, let’s say you’re blogging in the Cupcake niche and one of your posts is a recipe that requires sweet butter. Someone who’s never baked before might not know what sweet butter is, why it’s necessary for the recipe and what they can substitute if they don’t have it on hand.

They may also need to know how long they should mix the batter if they don’t have that same high-powered mixer you have or how they can find that mixer at a discount price or even how to use the various utensils that come with that mixer.

Each of us works with different programs, products, tools and services depending on our niche and we know these various tools like the backs of our hands. But for each of us there was a first time for everything, and so it is with your readers.

Your readers need answers to their questions and solutions for their problem, but sometimes those answers and solutions can lead to even more questions and problems.

When you’re battling blogger’s block, go back through your older content where you’ve answered your readers’ basic needs. Create posts that drill down deeper and answer more detailed questions, questions beginners need answered. Then link out to these detailed posts from your original article and create a huge web of content that keeps all your readers on your blog.

Stéphane Kerwer
Article written by Stéphane Kerwer (1995 Posts)
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  1. Rinelle Grey
    Rinelle Grey

    Good suggestions. It’s always hard to think of new ideas to blog about, so going more in depth on existing ideas is a good plan.

  2. K.Singh

    Like most other bloggers, up until now tools such as Google Reader has been an important way to battler bloggers block for me. Its a pity that Reader is being discontinued by Google.