SpinChimp Review: Easily Create Hundreds Of Unique Articles

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If anybody told me I’d someday be using something called SpinChimp to spin my articles I would have laughed in their face. But then again, I suppose it’s no sillier than using a spinning program with a little cartoon wizard for the icon. Honestly. Doesn’t anybody take article spinning seriously?


Well, that’s kind of a rhetorical question because it’s obvious that the creators of SpinChimp realize just how important article spinning is. And I suppose the little monkey on their logo IS kinda cute…

OK, let’s take the SpinChimp article spinner for a spin, shall we?

I’ve tried them all, OK? Magic Article Rewriter, The Best Spinner, I’ve even had some coded out manually and outsourced my articles to let someone else deal with the headaches. And I can tell you this – spinning articles sucks. And it’s even worse since the Panda update. It’s almost easier to just write a completely new article.

But when you’re using articles for link building you need bunches of articles – not the 2 or 3 a week you normally crank out. I’m talking hundreds of articles a week. Thankfully, there’s SpinChimp to the rescue.

Here’s what you get:

Built-in Thesaurus: The thesaurus with this thing has more than 1.4 million synonyms already loaded up and ready to go. And it picks up even more, every day, from you and everybody else using this spinner. You get daily updates downloaded right to your computer. When you consider the fact that one of the top spinners on the market makes you pay extra for the Thesaurus you can start to see why SpinChimp ranks above the rest.

Contextual Awareness: This is the first spinner ever to use the context of the word to determine if it’s a noun or a verb, and replace it with an appropriate synonym that always makes sense. How smart is that?!

Spinning Options: Use your own favorite synonyms, community synonyms, replace phrases or rewrite the entire article with the click of a button. Synonyms can be ranked as best, better, good, average or all. Most spinners on the market have the capability to ‘learn’ from you over a period of time. But you still end up with a lot of synonyms that the spinner doesn’t realize are niche specific. The ability to sort is a key feature that makes SpinChimp stand out from those other spinners.

Unlimited Depth: Spin sentences within spun paragraphs within a completely spun article. The best way to get those higher spin percentages is to completely spin the whole article, then go back and spin the paragraphs, then the phrases and then each individual sentence. But one you go beyond that first level, it’s hard to tall where to start and where tos top. SpinChimp uses color coding to help you distinguish the different levels.

Keyword Protection: Lock in your keywords so the don’t get replaced in the spin cycle. Never lose your keyword in the shuffle again.

Convert Rich Text To HTML: SpinChimp is the only spinner with the ability to convert rich text to html for posting to blogs or websites.

Separate Niches: Here’s a key feature that you also won’t see anywhere else – with SpinChimp you can separate your thesauri into different niches, saving keywords as you go. You can even use different languages.

WordPress Compatible: This is the first spinner you can use right from your WordPress dash, or you can use it completely offline.

Full Feature Exporter: Export single versions, multiple versions or syntax-ready versions for any third party format with just one click. The key feature here is that ability to export with syntax included. Save your article with syntax. You’ll never have to spin it again and you’ll get millions of articles from that one original.

Metrics: Count words, track your spin percentage, word density, and LSI. And most important, SpinChimp automatically detects broken syntax. This feature alone makes it worth the price of admission!

Article spinning doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. SpinChimp actually takes the best features of all the other spinner, adds in a lot of additional features that everyone’s been dreaming of, and gives you a spinner that anyone can handle almost effortlessly.

On top of all of that, you can even get the basic SpinChimp for free so you can take it for a spin! (Get it? Take it for a ‘spin‘?) Yeah, well, you can get a complete lifetime license for just $127 and they’ve got a quarterly package, too. And of course, there’s a full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Now, if we could just get them to get rid of the monkey…

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