Solo Ads & Ad Swaps: What Are They?

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Email marketing is a great way to advertise products, services and websites. Although the terms Ad Swaps and Solo Ads aren’t even nearly as recognizable as other marketing methods like SEO and PPC, they’re still an awesome way to make money and drive traffic to your site. Both Ad Swaps and Solo Ads involve direct mail to a list of subscribers.

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What’s an Ad Swap?

An Ad Swap is basically where two marketers who both have an email list choose to send a message from one another out to their list. It’s basically a cross over, so internet marketer A sends a message to internet marketer B’s list – and vice versa. This email can be about anything – and it can be promoting anything.

It’s always good to ensure that Ad Swap content is relevant. If you have a large list in the currency trading niche, there’s little use doing an Ad Swap with someone in the weight loss niche, because your Ad Swap just won’t be relevant and you’ll probably have a lot of disgruntled subscribers on your list. Make sure when you do an Ad Swap that you promote something RELEVANT to your subscribers – or they’ll soon unsubscribe.

A good example of an Ad Swap that would work well is if a person with a list of subscribers to an SEO service swapped with a person with a list of people interested in web design. People with new websites need to market them, and people with existing websites tend to like to spruce them up now and then.

Finding someone to perform an Ad Swap with can be tricky – but if you frequent any internet marketing forums you’ll normally find one or two people looking for Ad Swaps in the “for sale” or “for trade” section.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are just like an Ad Swap, except one party in the transaction doesn’t have an email list. This means that one person will pay another in order to have them blast an email message promoting a product or service to their list. It might seem pointless paying someone to send out a message for you, but if they’re a respected internet marketer the people who read the email message will usually be quite receptive – and it might just drum up a significant amount of business for you.

With Solo Ads you should always approach someone with a list that’s relevant to a product or service you’re selling. So if you want to peddle the latest SEO software, make sure you have the email sent to a list of SEO subscribers.

The tough part of Solo Ads is finding someone with a list who isn’t going to run off with your money. Again, forums are a great place to find people who run Solo Ads – always look at the provenance of a person’s account before transacting with them. How long have they been a member? How many posts do they have? Do they have any feedback from previous transactions on Solo Ads?

Whilst you’ll never be completely safe, some quick checks like this can greatly help to reduce transactions that go bad.

Ad Swaps and Solo Ads aren’t often mentioned, but they are definitely a good way of making money online.

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