Social Media Promotion: 9 Tips to Promote Your Work

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Bloggers today understand the value of publishing content across multiple platforms. We guest blog as often as possible, we publish articles, we build Squidoo lenses and Hubpages, and most have a least two or three key blogs that they call home base. With links going out to so many different platforms and types of content it’s easy to confuse your followers and it’s easy for you to focus on a promotion plan. Here are nine tips to promote your vast arsenal of work with social media.

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promote your work with social media

Start With One Of The Larger Networks

I was never a big fan of Facebook until I started publishing content on lots of different sites and blogs all over the web. Now, I prefer Facebook because you can actually communicate with your followers.

When you’re constantly posting links to different domains your followers don’t always follow those links. They just think you’re sharing something you find interesting. But if I post a link to another blog I can tell my followers, “Hey! Check out this guest blog post I just wrote for…” and they’re more likely to click through because they already like my articles.

Plus, you have more room to define yourself with a Facebook fan page. People can immediately see you post content from all over the web and decide whether or not they want to follow you.

Set Up A Comprehensive Profile

This is another reason I like Facebook. You can create a comprehensive profile that links out to all your satellite sites. Let people know you publish content all over the web and let them know you’re using Facebook to promote you content. This is one of the mistakes that people make with social media marketing. You’re not here to socialize, you’re here to socialize and promote. Let people know that with your profile description and you won’t feel guilty every time you post one of your own links.

Create A Go-To Index For All Your Work

If you have hundreds of articles scattered all over the web, it’s not a bad idea to set up an index page somewhere so you have a focal point for traffic. Create a page on one of your blogs that contains a link to every article, blog post or Hubpage you’ve created and promote that link right along with everything else you promote.

Use To Pull In All Your Feeds

I have a pretty good network developed on Twitter and it grows by a few new followers every day, yet I rarely visit the site to socialize. Instead, I use and pull in content from all my satellite sites using RSS feeds. My Tweets go out automatically all day long and every time I publish something new. You can Twitterfeed to serve multiple Twitter accounts and you can also use it to send automated content to your Facebook news stream.

Provide Social Proof

One reason you want to choose one of the larger social networks to start with is because social proof encourages more sharing. When readers see that Facebook button with a few dozen ‘likes’ showing, they’re more likely to read the article and share it themselves. Smaller social networks are nice but they won’t give you those big social proof numbers that readers find so enticing.

Don’t Get Pushy

I have days where I don’t post anything to Facebook at all and I’ll sometimes go a week at a time without interacting on Twitter. It’s just not necessary to bombard your followers with links and when they notice that’s what you’re doing they take a hike anyway. So don’t get pushy with your promotion. Be patient. It just takes time.

Grow Your Network Of Friends

In the beginning you’re tempted to grow a network of followers whose interests are focused entirely on your niche. In fact, that’s how most social media experts recommend you do it. But most people are interested in a wide variety of topics. Gardeners are interested in politics, athletes are interested in fashion, and auto mechanics are interested in woodworking. Start concentrating on building a network of friends, people you just like to interact with because you enjoy their company. Chances are, they’ll be interested in your content, too. If not, they’ll at least share it for you.

Network With Other Bloggers

If you’ve been guest blogging then you already have a connection to that blog owner. Now, hook up in you favorite social networks and start promoting content for each other. The more bloggers you network with the deeper your reach into cyberspace.

Don’t Overlook The Benefits Of StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of those social networks whose users don’t look kindly on people who promote their own content. However, if you do a lot of guest blogging, you’re not necessarily promoting your own blog, you’re promoting the blog you guested on. And if you’re blogging at a different location every week, then you’re not going to be Stumbling the same domain all the time.

StumbleUpon also has a very inexpensive traffic generation system called ‘Paid Discovery.’ For 10 cents a click you can send highly targeted traffic to any webpage, whether it’s on your own blog or not.

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  1. Julia Spencer

    It’s also very important to make sure that people believe that you or your business do exist and are real. Because, unfortunately, there are many fake profiles on social networks

    1. You’re right Julia, but it’s pretty easy to spot fakers on social media…

  2. Adi

    stunning article!

    1. Thanks

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