Social Media Marketing Overuse: 4 Warning Signals

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I admit it. I was a former social media marketing junkie trying to apply every social media marketing tactics in the book. I loved spending hours networking on LinkedIn and Facebook. I was a twitter-holic, sending out so many tweets that I hit the daily limit of 1000 updates on more than one occasion. I went berserk on social sites. It was not pretty. Why?

I saw few returns from my persistent, consistent efforts. Sure I grew my networks on the big social sites but I did not cash in accordingly. I developed an unhealthy, powerful attachment to social networks sites to. I was overusing these marketing channels to the point where each of my online business ventures suffered. My social marketing plan was poorly thought out.

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I became blind to tremendously prospering opportunities around me. If you are too busy traipsing around on Facebook, check yourself. If you are gaga over Google Plus, watch out. If you are too excited over twitter, take a deep breath. You might be retarding your business growth by developing a social media marketing attachment.

Let us dive into 4 warning signals which indicate social media over usage.

social media marketing overuse

1. Social Media Marketing: You Panic When Unplugged

I write these words as I cruise 36,000 feet over the East Coast of the good old USA. I feel good writing because I prosper when I go offline. The old me would panic when I missed hours, let alone days, of social media time. I would flip out, feeling that since I was not plugged in to social media marketing I could not be making the maximum amount of money possible.

I soon learned something funny when it comes to social media; if you pull back and take social media breaks daily, or for even longer periods of time, you will see greater long term returns. Call it a social vacay, or simply recharging your batteries. What you call these breaks matters not. What does matter is taking the breaks on a frequent basis.

I was entirely gaga over Facebook for a long time. Then I moved my obsession to twitter, and Google Plus. The attachment grew worse and worse until I totally damaged my blogs and online businesses. Why? I spent too much time doing social and not enough time engaged in income generating activities.

If I was not plugged in for at least 3 to 5 hours daily I felt like I was missing out, and became upset and agitated, and sent off a desperate, fearful vibe which of course scared away the money and prospects I was keen to attract. I see many other social junkies adopt the same mindset. The crew prides themselves on being live for 4, 6 or 8 hours daily but never realizes how being too social hurts your ventures.

Use social sites effectively. Then take a break. Build your social marketing plan on a strong foundation. I suggest no more than 2 to 3 hours on social sites daily or else you fall victim to Facebook overload. You fall prey to twitter hysteria. You cannot keep up with every single update; yes I have tried to, and I promise you that it flat out does not work.

By taking breaks you can enter the social fray from a calm, confident, relaxed space. By overworking your social media marketing campaign you lose creativity and become particularly susceptible to negative influences since most people who use social sites are pretty darn negative on the whole.

You can take 1 or 2 day social media days off each week if you feel flagging in the creativity department. Go ahead.

You deserve it!

2. Social Media Marketing: Little Creating

I wrote 4 blog posts today. Usually I write 7-10. Oh well, blame it on my globetrotting. I practice being prolific because I avoid wasting endless hours on social sites; and yes, if you spend 3 or more hours daily on constructive networking but skip writing a post you are wasting your time, at least if you are a serious social media marketing entrepreneur.

Before you assail me, you social junkies, think this one through. Your goal is to create good things for others.

Networking follows up the content creation aspect of your marketing plan because all successful people do a fair amount of creating to make them stand out from the crowd. The moment you stop creating you fall into a competitive level of thought.

At this point you begin comparing yourself to others. You see all the fans that Mr. So and So has attracted on Facebook, or you ogle over this maven’s twitter followers, or you panic about how your LinkedIn network fails to compare to the person you just connected with on the network of professionals.

Guys, I have played this game for years. You do not want to go there because doing so adds years to your learning curve. Competitive thinking curses you to experience social media marketing failure. Creative thinking fattens your bank account and improves your positive energy, helping you attract the success you so desire.

Become a creative machine. Stand out from the crowd. By creating persistently – blog posts, videos, webinars, etc – you quickly rise above the competition from within your niche.

3. Overboard on Commenting

I was the former king of Facebook Bsing. I developed a social marketing plan based on using the network extensively. Yep, I created valuable, helpful comments and posted to relevant Facebook status updates but I did little thinking as to how this approach affected my social media marketing campaign.

After careful analysis I administered 40 lashes with a wet noodle to my backside each time I felt the urge to craft an in-depth, insightful comment which wasted 5 to 10 minutes of my time at a clip. I wasted time building my social media marketing campaign from an unintelligent place.

I was stupid because I spent way too much time creating on real estate other than my own blog real estate. I was way too attached to social. I did not want to post comments to authority, relevant blogs, to boost my back links. I did not want to post multiple times daily. I wanted to just create, create and create, on social sites, building my networks, or course, but wasting my creative energies on the improper medium.

I wanted to be Mr. Popular too, which was bad news because the impulse was a projection of my almost maniacal fear of criticism. I was terrified to be judged by people and whenever somebody did criticize me on FB, or LinkedIn, or Google

Plus, I flipped out.

Sometimes I reacted like a fool while other times I held onto the burning, angry feeling for hours or days, effectively clouding my thinking and pushing my social media marketing effectiveness into the toilet.

I then returned to posting long, drawn-out comments because I simply wanted to be popular. I just wanted people to like me and did whatever I had to do to make this dream a reality. Forget about focusing 95% of my creative energies and talents to writing lead-generating, business-growing blog posts. I was too busy trying to become Mr. Popular.

Craft 2 to 3 sentence comments on social media websites. Devote virtually all of your creative energies to crafting targeted, focused content via blog posts, videos and other creative mediums.

4. No Money Making

Aha! I was a sly one because even though I made no real money online for years I played a neat little game with myself, setting up 3 or 5 year plans where I would begin making money after these time frames expired. Of course I simply spent too much time chatting on social media marketing websites and not enough time creating helpful, relevant content, but you can see that pattern developing by this point, right?

Social media marketing is about making money, friends and creating value. Do not forget the first step.

Many social media apologists who make little money keep speaking big picture, and how they do not worry about making money now, but the real champions make money quite quickly between creating content and employing social media sites because they simply monetize their acts with ease.

Create value, make connections and cash in. Sure it takes time to create value and make connections but if you are making little money after 1, 2 or 3 months in the online business realm you must become more money conscious, and move your focus to monetizing your social media marketing experience.

Perhaps you do not spend enough time on niche specific LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Groups. Maybe you are not targeting your twitter experience, chatting with too many people outside of your niche, to make a significant amount of cash.

Maybe you are not plugging into the immense power of Google Plus Communities, spending too much time leaving comments on silly pictures or updates.

Whatever the reason you better decide where you are screwing up and in many cases, your social media marketing campaign is a chief culprit in your lack of steady online cash flow.

Social Media Marketing Overuse – Summary

Stop going bonkers over social media marketing strategies. Remember that bloggers create blog posts before doing anything else on a typical workday. If you run a home business opportunity focus on growing your team before going nuts on social websites.

Sites like Facebook should play only a partial roll in your overall social media marketing strategy.

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  1. Adeel Sami

    Very great, I so agree with every inch of your insight. I am so used to of the same thing ‘Popularity’, I am gonna focus on niche-related platforms and lessen the habit to target ‘irrelevant’ people…

    1. Adeel I hear you buddy. I am a big guy on the popularity thing too; I need to watch myself checking in for Likes, or retweets, and doing stuff not conducive to growing my business when I feel unpopular lol…thanks!

  2. Mike

    I’m a little ashamed to confessed how much of a Twitter addict I’ve been as well during the past 6 months.

    It may be time for me to get my ideas together and get a good plan in order to use my time more efficiently.

    1. Tweeting is fun and prospering but it can be very addictive Mike. I hop on a few times daily to answer as many @replies as possible but hop off quickly too so that I can do the important, business-growing stuff. Thanks!

  3. Dana

    There are so many people saying that Social Media is the way to go and that we should focus all of our attention on it. After giving it a closer look, it’s interesting to see that most of these people are self-proclaimed “social media specialists”.

    1. Social media is wonderful Dana but like any marketing channel, once you form an attachment to it you are beyond doomed. I limit my time on each site to guard against silly tendencies, listed above. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorman

    Hoarding likes and followers and retweets is exciting on paper, but you’re right: if it doesn’t increase your bottom line, why bother?

    Most small business owners are wasting all their time on social media and they are probably hurting their business more than anything else.

    1. Many do hurt their biz by obsessing over social media, Gorman. Bottom line thinking is key; why are you doing what you are doing each hour of each day? Where does each act lead you? Answer these questions to succeed. Thanks!

  5. John

    For me, the fear of missing out is very strong. I discovered Social Media only recently and I really have a feeling that if I unplug for too long, I’m going to miss a lot of opportunities to connect with other people…

    1. Working social daily is good John; just spend a small amount of time checking in. If you have been working SM for 6 or more hours daily then you might be burned out. Take a day or 2 off to recover. Thanks!

  6. Connor Janzen

    Ryan, I really appreciate your approach to social media use. It’s important to know the value of the platform in relation to your niche, but weighing actual engagement for the business itself is more important than the popularity contest. Thanks for addressing the important issues in the social networking world.

    1. Weighing out return is uber key Connor, so glad you noted that buddy ;) On a side note, great to see you here as a contributor to Ste’s blog. You have churned out some amazingly helpful content. Keep it up, and thanks for your support!!

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