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So far, Dukeo has been a really exciting experience. In fact it has been so exciting that I have trouble realizing that this blog is already over 6 months old and has more than 200 posts published! It’s time to take a step back and look at what has been done so far and what can be improved.

New Team Member At Dukeo

I’d like to give a very warm welcome to Donna Anderson from White Hat Writing who has just joined Team Dukeo.

Donna has already written a couple guest posts for me such as $#*! My Dad Said That Applies To Affiliate Marketing, Too and How To Make Money Online Writing Book Reviews.

As part of Team Dukeo, Donna will be providing you with some extremely nice articles every Saturday in a post series titled “How To Make Money Online With...“. The title of the series is pretty self-explanatory: these posts will be about methods to make money online.

You can expect some top-notch info in these posts as Donna has been making a living online for quite some time now and she really knows her subject.

Opened Recruitment

In order to provide Dukeo’s readers with quality content on a regular basis, I am currently looking for some writers who may be interested in writing for Dukeo, either for a single guest post or for a whole post series. Use the contact form to get in touch. Join the team and you will also gain some valuable links to your own online projects!

Small Redesign For Dukeo

Everyone knows that for a blog to reach some recurring visitors, content is king. But to properly serve your content, you need a high-quality design that doesn’t distract the readers. Before launching Dukeo, I had put some efforts in designing its wordpress theme, but the more I was looking at it, the more it appeared that some things could be improved.

In order to improve the visitors experience I decided to remove some clutter in the graphics and make the whole template cleaner. Nothing revolutionary here, just some summer cleaning.

I had also noticed that the carousel on the homepage, as visually interesting as it may be, was not working properly with every browser, and it was also interfering with some other javascript on my page. I decided to remove the carousel and replace it by some small thumbs and the post title of 4 popular articles on Dukeo.

On all my websites, I give a lot of importance to navigation. In my opinion, this is one of the keys to have a user-friendly website. In order to make Dukeo’s navigation even more easy that it already is, you’ll notice that when you scroll-down, the menu-bar sticks to the top of the window. This way you can easily navigate to the main pages of Dukeo.

To improve the user-experience, I also added some nice image-related scripts that are reducing the load-time of all my pages.

All in all, let’s hope this seventh month will be as exciting as the ones before!

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  1. Anon

    Donna is a great writer. Welcome. I enjoy reading your blog. It is inspiring.

    1. Thank you for your support.

      I’m sure Donna will appreciate the kind words.

  2. Shad

    Your design of website is awesome dude. I think its appealing. Let’s share the success.

    1. Trying my best to make it clean and clutter-free to put the focus on the content!

    2. Shad

      Yeah it looks like it.

  3. Michelle

    I think Dukeo looks hot. Really good and quite flash. Keep up the good work.

  4. Justin Dupre

    Keep up the good work! This site is very useful for everyone involved with Internet marketing.

    1. Thank you Justin!

      Coming from another famous blogger, these words sound really nice.

  5. Web Design Studio

    It looks really professional but appealing. Great work.

  6. Gorman

    Steven your site is brilliant. I like the redesign.

    1. Thank you Gorman!

      I tried my best to please my readers.

    2. Gorman

      You’re welcome

  7. Dana

    This is an awesome site. I really like the design.

  8. Liz

    I love your new design.

    1. Thanks a lot Liz :)

  9. First Website

    I am going to look forward to Donna’s series on How To Make Money Online With …. Hope she picks some interesting topics.

  10. Sad Music

    I am very impressed with your design. And yes your navigation buttons on top of the page are helpful. It sets you apart from other bloggers the way you promote your blog.

  11. Chris

    I must watch out for Donna and White Hat will love to read what they write about. You have a good team there Steven.

  12. John

    It’s a lot cleaner I though. more sleek.

  13. Web Design Studio

    Hi Donna…can we send across some topic recommendations?

    1. We take every topic recommendation seriously :)

    2. Web Design Studio

      That’s great…how about adding some graphical posts on usability?

    3. That’s a very interesting idea. I’ll keep it in the back of my head for later posts.

    4. Web Design Studio

      You could also consider a few posts on good and bad user interface designs with a couple of critiques!

  14. Mike

    The design improvements are really excellent

    1. Thank you for the kind words ! That is truly appreciated.

  15. John

    Blog designs are important to help readers find their way within the content

    1. I tried my best !

  16. Jony

    How long did it take you to redesign the blog?

    1. Only a couple days since I do the coding myself.

  17. Affmaster

    Can you recommend a good design firm for our upcoming blog?

    1. I do my coding myself so I am not sure… You can always check on my Recommended page for useful premium themes and plugins.

  18. Web Design Inspiration

    Hey…we are a good design agency to get in touch with!

    1. Thanks but I already have my own workforce for that :D

  19. Web Design Studio

    We do design as well in case you are interested!

    1. Thanks for the offer, I’ll keep that in mind.

  20. Affiliate Manager

    The little design changes look nice. Love the hovering navigation :)

    1. Hey thank you ;)

  21. Web Design Studio

    Will you be covering email marketing sometime soon?

    1. Web Design Inspiration

      Yeah…old topic but interesting nonetheless.

    2. This is on my to-do list !

  22. Mike

    Hi Donna…how about an article on how to make money online with writing?

    1. Web Design Studio

      Mike…they are quite a few out there…maybe you could ask her to focus on a specific style like writing PRs or Sales docs etc.

    2. Actually, Donna posted an entry regarding Making money online writing book reviews already

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