Sharing Ideas: Don’t Worry About That

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So many bloggers have the idea that if they really tell their readers the full “seven steps” then they’re going to run off with their idea. Instead, they tell them five steps and try to get them to pay for an ebook. They also don’t like to network with other bloggers for the same reason: They think someone’s going to steal their ideas. Don’t worry about sharing ideas. There’s plenty of pie for everyone.

sharing ideas

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Only 10% of the people who hear your idea will even try to implement

I have a friend who creates PLR article packets and she sells upwards of 100 of each packet. In theory, that would mean there are 100 different blogs using any given article which means a lot of duplicate content. She’s not worried though because she’s found that only 10% of the people who buy her products actually put them to use. The same holds true with any of the secrets you share with your readers. At most, only 10% of them will actually take action and try to follow your advice.

Most people can’t follow directions

Most people simply can not follow directions. So even if you took them by the hand and walked them step-by-step through your process they still wouldn’t be able to do it on their own. Of those 10% who may try to implement your idea, only one or two will actually be able to do it.

Most people have a short attention span

Of those one or two who actually do manage to follow your advice, at least one will quickly grow bored and move on to something else. That leaves one person, out of the hundreds of people you shared your idea with, who is actually incorporating your idea into his business plan.

He’s going to get creative

Now, before you start thinking he’s going to be encroaching on your market, let’s take a look at something else. This one person who followed your advice is obviously an intelligent individual. Chances are, he’s going to tweak your idea and come up with something even better. And who do you think he’s going to share this better idea with? You! Because you’re the person who gave him the idea to start with. Now you’re both doing even better than before.

Even if this guy is selling the exact same product you’re selling there are billions of people on the Internet every single day. The market is basically infinite. There’s plenty of room for both of you and if you keep working on great ideas together the two of you can dominate the entire marketplace.

Imagine what would happen now if you shared another secret with this guy. Or what if you shared the same secret with another blogger? You could eventually develop your own collaborative network of bloggers, each of you helping to make the whole network stronger and more productive.

So, you see? There’s no need to worry about sharing. In the end, it only makes your business stronger.

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  1. Mark

    Those that will use your ideas were going to find a way anyhow, and would not hire you whether your shared or not, but can refer you as an expert. Those who do not want to do it themselves now believe that you know what you are talking about. sharing=win/win

    1. I couldn’t say it better Mark :)

      Unless you have access to some super secret information, you are probably not the only person on earth who knows what you know. So if you don’t share the information, somebody else will, and they will be seen as the expert, not you.

  2. Lauryn Doll

    Great points throughout – especially regarding the fact that only 10% of people will actually move in on your idea.

    Furthermore, even if someone does, why are you tripping? You obviously are creative. You’ll come up with even more great ideas.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lauryn! I see too many people afraid of sharing their knowledge… Hopefully this post will inspire more people to share their ideas with their peers.

  3. R Wang


    It really comes down to the business model. Imagine if you had a great idea that you fully presented in a blog. If you are trying to drive consulting revenue and a competitor takes it and run and they have better distribution than you do, would you feel good?

    but if your model is advertising and everyone refers to that model, well in that case, it works out.

    The issue here is can you and how will you monetize your idea?

    For some folks, they have visibility and can monetize easily. For others, they may have to take a more modified strategy.


    1. Well, from my own experience I can tell you that I have a few new business ideas every single day by reading, chatting, and just being open to what’s happening around me.

      Most of these ideas I will never get the time or the motivation to develop in a full business. I’d rather share these ideas with other people and watch them improve it and make something awesome. Maybe seeing the improvements they make will give me an idea for yet another model that I will share again.

      Only 10% of people will actually use the ideas you share anyway. Maybe it will create competition… So what? Competition is very healthy and prevents me from staying in my comfort zone.

      Let these guys compete against me is the best for me, the best for business, and the best for the end-user!

  4. Rose Z

    I would also add in chances are if the idea was something that required a lot of money to do, most won’t be able.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Steven,

    Great points buddy!

    One word: abundance. More than enough for all to go around. You lose when you feel lack.

    By giving freely and sharing abundantly you feel abundant, and attract money, and money-making ideas, with ease. This has been my experience over and over.

    When I pull back and get selfish, I lack. Thank goodness I let that frame of mind go a while back ;)

    Thanks for sharing Steven!


    1. Hey Ryan. Thanks for your comment.

      I think there is no better context to remind people of the saying: “Give and you shall receive”.

    2. Dawn Abraham

      Exactly I have had the same experience to a T. Thanks for sharing that Ryan.

  6. I actually believe that even if you share your ides to others normally few people will got to try it, my experience is that 5% will. And even if you share the duplicates of other articles to others as long as you provide a backlinks to the author in my opinion it will generate traffic beneficial to both.

    1. I don’t agree with you. First, copying someone else’s articles is not only illegal regarding copyright laws. Let me add that sharing someone else’s ideas will not make you an authority. It will just make you look like a copycat.

  7. Dawn Abraham

    I love love love this!! I have always tried to tell the people in my community and the coachs I mentor not to worry about anyone else.

    When someone buys something from your competitor it doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you it’s actually the opposite. People are more likely to buy something else similar from another site because they are interested in that topic and want a different perspective on it. If someone likes something they often can’t get enough.

    The bottom line is we all take from each other without realizing it. Ideas are in the air and can be felt through energy and tapping into the collective consciousness. That is why so many things come out at almost the same time, making it impossible for each other to have copied it they all thought it at once.

    Although it’s important to say that having the same idea is not the same as taking someones idea and just spinning it, that is not interesting and offers no value because it isn’t your perspective it’s your deception.

    Believe in your talent and cultivate it and you won’t feel the need to steal anything because you will be too busy creating your own style.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Dawn!

      You’re totally right! When someone buys from your competition, it means that they are actually interested enough to buy products in your niche. Which is still good news, right? Your competitor did a better job at closing the deal, but if you learn from them, the next conversion could be yours…

  8. It’s an interesting idea! I think if your information is good it can work but for many other bloggers I don’t think people will buy. In order to get someone to purchase an e-book for two more tips they have to be really good.

  9. Larry James

    I have trouble trying to convince my web design clients to share their info on their websites. I try to tell them that if you do not give them the information they are looking for then they will find it else where. They will keep searching until they find it.

    1. What kind of information are you trying to get them to share?

    2. Larry James

      I had a real estate client who did not want to give any information about the properties he was selling.

      He only wanted to give the basic information such as the price, and number of bedrooms.

      He felt that if he did not give all the information regarding the property, then you would have to call him to find out if it was heated by gas or electric.

    3. Unfortunately this is not how things work online… If people can’t find information about the property, they will simply assume there are some things to hide and move onto the next property owner who shares all the information that he can.

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