SEO Myths: 5 Things To Watch Out For

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To get the website ahead in the global competition is the prime motive of WordPress SEO. Yet, is you fall prey to myths and remain in darkness, you will end up in landing your precious website in an online swamp. Hence as a good search engine optimizer, it becomes desirable that you keep the myths at bay.

In this article we will throw light upon 5 myths that you should know about.

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  1. Submit your link to multiple directories: The rules of marketing say that the more your product is seen and known, more are the changes of your product getting sold. Hence advertise as much as you can. Will this rule apply for websites as well? Partly true and partly wrong. Many web-masters believe that getting their link seen in multiple directories increases the chances of their website being seen and that it is a method of cheap advertising. But, my dear friend, if you believe the same, then I am sorry to say that you are only a step away from losing in your business. Posting your link on multiple sites instead tag you as a spam. So, anyone out there who is interested to get successful is kindly requested to stay
    away from doing so.
  2. You can get SEO for free! Have you ever heard of the saying that you get nothing for free? All that you get for free as of poor quality. In the time when people have an appetite for quality, do you desire to get thrown among the bad quality providers? Certainly not. Hence it is necessary that you keep aside a certain budget before you go for SEO. As the saying goes, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.
  3. Make your content flooded with keywords: The most relevant article, having the required keyword is the one that appears at the top on Google search results. Thus the content developers make their keyword appear as much as they can, with the hope that their website will come on the top. But, this is a myth. In fact, this act tags your website as a spam.
  4. SEO is one time requirement: After spending Dollars on an SEO project, many remain satisfied that they did what others do and that they can sit on the couch and relax. But the global; scenario is something else. SEO is a continuing process. To make this point clear, I will give you an analogy. Why does a company launch products of different design very often? It’s because the previous product gets outdated within hours after it’s launched in the market. Similarly, there are companies out there who get their website optimized every 2 days. Hence, if you want to keep a match with them, you should optimize your website at least every week.
  5. It takes a long time for SEO to make its effect: This is neither an antibiotic to show effect within neither seconds, nor a mega structure that takes long time for its fulfillment. It all depends on the caliber of the content developer who does SEO for you. If the contents are written professionally, you website can go viral within days. And, if it’s clumsily written, don’t expect even God Almighty to do miracles for your success.

Thus, like a professional, never do a task for its sake. Do it the way it should be done. At the same time be aloof from the myths that someone tells you. Keep in mind that even the bar-tender that you see is your competitor. Never take anyone’s words blindly. Think with your might and get yourself to the top of this global war for success.

This guest post was written by Alia Haley. Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cell phones. These days she is busy in writing an article on best eBook reader and wireless routers.

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