SEO Indicators: Check Them Regularly

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Lets check the important indicators of your WordPress SEO procedure and make sure you are following best practices. I wish to discuss about the best methods and will be pointing to some of the important aspects of your optimization efforts:

  • Regular Fresh Content Relates to SEO
  • SEO for Products
  • Multi-Channel SEO
  • Images & Video Optimization
  • Article Promotion

wordpress seo procedure

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I hope you have read my last post here at Dukeo. Regarding WordPress SEO procedure, we saw how you can tweak and/or add some of the features to make your WordPress more search engine friendly. If you missed that post, let me remind it briefly here.

WordPress is flexible and the most widely used platform for blogs and websites, however, it is not out-of-the-box-ready platform when you look through SEO viewport. You should configure some aspects and add a few more features to get best results. Following are some steps about that SEO procedure:

  • Adding sitemap feature
  • Installing some plugin to make you easy to specify meta tags
  • Ensuring the post and page URLs are canonicalized, and
  • Enabling Google+ authorship

These are some of the most important tasks to configure and forget so as to gain continual SEO benefits. We dealt them in previous post and if you wish to read in detail about those points, please click the following link: 5 Forgotten Tasks to SEO Your WordPress.

Okay, now let’s turn towards today’s topic – the best SEO indicators!

Indicators for Best WordPress SEO Procedure

Once you have a WordPress blogging platform, well optimized for those 5 tasks as we discussed, now, it’s time to learn how you can make best out of your ongoing WordPress SEO practices.

There can be numerous traffic sources for any websites:

  • Building loyal readers community
  • Leverage social networks
  • Conduct mailing campaign
  • Run advertisements – Adwords, Facebook Ads etc
  • Run some referrals program

Building readers community around your blog and enjoy the returning visitors is definitely a good strategy. Social networks too can send huge traffic to your blog. Mailing campaign, advertisement campaign, referral campaigns and so on can be some other methods to rule the online traffic.

Though there are various ways to invite more traffic to any website, we can never ignore the organic traffic. To get a hold on organic traffic, there’s only one criteria: optimize your blog for search engines and make your posts appear in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Traffic through search engines (organic traffic) are considered best because:

  • free to get
  • more targeted
  • better converting because they are searching for something
  • huge in volume

Thus, SEO has become one of the performance indicator for the success of any business. Google updates internal ranking everyday for every sites and thus, it makes SEO a key indicator. For this, many business hire some SEO professionals, or outsource the SEO procedure to expert Companies and make sure that their site is discoverable for essential and high volume keywords.

Then, what can be the indicators of your best WordPress SEO Procedure?

1. Regular Fresh Content Relates to WordPress SEO

It appears a bit irrelevant to talk about fresh and regular content when the discourse is dealing technical aspect such as SEO procedure. Don’t get alarmed! Content has to do a lot in any of your SEO effort too!

Matt Cutts confirmed it many times. Those who are following Google Webmaster videos for some time, you must be well aware that Google intentionally puts fresh content first. If your blog is related to news and recent happenings, the fresh content has a larger pie to color your SEO pyramid.

Frequency and regularity are important for your blog not only to the readers but for search engines too! Search engine crawlers visit your site frequently and tweak their crawling frequency depending upon the blog update frequency. There is no use of visiting a blog several times a day that updates once in a month.

What’s the benefit? The more frequent the crawlers are in your blog, your posts will get indexed sooner and start ranking sooner. You will train the crawlers when they regularly find updates in expected interval. Getting something when you expect has a different joy to live with!

Thus, if your blog is updated regularly with fresh content, that’s a good indication of SEO success!

2. WordPress SEO Procedure for Products Pages

WordPress SEO for Products has a different SEO Procedure than for blog posts and other websites. For the blogs selling affiliate products and internet marketing, product SEO is one of the very important SEO indicator. You’ll earn money or get nothing depending upon how well you’ve optimized your products pages. Ranking well for those truly means fortunes falling!

One mistake I often notice over these kind of blogs is the duplication of product description and feature listing. Most of the newbie affiliates and internet marketers simply copy the text from the product manufacturers or providers and use them to construct their product pages. Having same block of text in multiple pages whether on same blog or on different ones, reduce the SEO value. It will be harder to rank well for those pages. You should always present unique content even for same product on different pages. It is always better to re-write your own version of description and other content.

Another important fact, the long tail keywords (key phrases consisting two or more words) works better in converting to result more sales. About 80% of internet orders are generated  through long tail keywords. Thus, optimize your product pages for longer phrases is more beneficial than to target generic and one-word keyword. The generic keywords may tempt you as they often have higher traffic volume but longer key phrases are more targeted and converts better. Think being a searcher to know what keywords can be better returning.

3. Multi-Channel SEO

Talking about SEO procedures, we often just think around search engines only, and how to dominate different search engines. That’s just one facet of a coin. After you optimize your blog for all major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo; proceed further to make your stronger presence in other channels.

Are you discoverable in YouTube, social media, Google maps and so on? Video marketing has proved itself to be the great method of promotion. Search engines such as Google considers the links from video pages of higher value. Similarly, social signals are one of the important factor for ranking of blog pages.  This deeper approach to rule search engine result pages will lead to enhanced traffic.

Thus, an integrated multi-channel SEO approach is able to offer you a higher pie of queries in search engines.

4. Images & Video Optimization

Image & video optimization is more crucial SEO procedure than you ever realized.

Image search drives in considerable traffic to your blog. If you are not exploiting this already, you really miss a huge opportunity. Similarly YouTube, DailyMotion can be another source of big traffic through your videos.

Make sure you got unique pictures and videos for your blog posts and product pages. Creating your own images or photographs that are interesting can truly do some wonders.  Why not to optimize images and videos to generate additional targeted traffic through YouTube and Google image search?

For affiliate sites, obviously, your blog is filled with product images. Make use of those images to gain much better search engine ranking. Use correct and descriptive file name, alt text and image description. Correct contextual content and optimized captions can help you getting your pictures ranked better in Google image search.

5. Article Promotion

This is another indicator that can directly causes impacts to your search engine practices. Article promotion is equally important as fresh and regular content related to WordPress SEO procedure. No matter your posts are awesome but they can bloom only when you promote them as necessary.

Article promotion obviously spreads the awareness and brings in more traffic, but it also improves your SEO standing and helps to rank better.

You can distribute your new content via different post submission websites, blog networks, social network groups and communities.

I’m currently using BlogEngage, Blokube and BizSugar to promote my new posts. BlogEngage is an awesome paid community of bloggers in different niches. Blokube and BizSugar are free alternatives where the latter one offers more traffic volume and different opportunities.

Apart from blogging networks, Facebook groups and Google communities are the next venture I’m targetting. They offer you a wider reach and better interaction for your content.

When talking about promoting articles, I can’t resist mentioning JustRetweet. It’s an awesome service to submit your posts for retweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s. It has not only the traffic to offer you but a huge social signals. Hope you are well aware that Google counts social signals as a ranking factor.

That’s all for today. I wrote two posts about SEO procedure and will come with something more  in my next post. Your comments will inspire me to work harder and share better suggestions. Don’t forget to leave your feedback below!

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  1. You cannot beat fresh content Suresh, I dig the reference here! Really, putting out fresh, relevant content on a daily basis helps to boost your SEO in a big way. Too many focus on learning the details of SEO, with keyword placement, density, etc, yet I just create a gazillion posts today lol….so create, and learn, and the details will hit you along the way.

    SEO plays a big part in your WP blogging success but concentrate on learning the ins and outs after you create, and tweak along the way. This will benefit you in the long run because you will form a habit of creating, which is a good habit to have ;)

    Another great post here buddy. Thanks for sharing with us!


  2. wow…. what a interesting and well detailed post suresh.

    Article promotion is something i never wait to do, i don’t wait for search engines for my article to get viral i actually look for the searching engine by posting the post around different communities and so on.

    thanks for sharing, learned a lot.

  3. I love this article and I sent out a tweet about it too. I was so busy writing articles that I forgot (temporarily) about using the social scenes to generate traffic. Just one question..after you publish your article, do you recommend using Pingler for the url of the newly published article? Do you recommend socially bookmarking the article link? Or the link to where the article is expounded on your blog? Or both?

  4. Adesoji

    Excellent post Suresh.

    You are right about “Image & video optimization is more crucial SEO procedure than you ever realized.”

    Image and videos plays a major role in SEO. This because I think Google gives more relevance to what people finds interesting

  5. Shameem

    Hi Suresh got some valid hints from you i do agree image and video optimization to be done in right manner because it can drive you more traffic which i’m getting now and adwords,facebook campaign recently tried got some good results too

  6. Marilyn Cada

    hi suresh. me too, i also love justretweet since they do not only encourage RTs but also pluses and likes. i also use blogengage oftentimes but i do not always use bizsugar since they only accept articles intended for small business.

  7. Nwosu Desmond

    Recently in one of my articles i mentioned how content freshness can affect search engine ranking and as such should be taken seriously. While no one can claim to know everything about SEO, these points make it easier to get a hold on the idea.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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