Scoops & Break News: The 2 Strategies to Find Them

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Having a news website is completely different than running a niche blog. There’s a particular style to the writing and the content has to be about a specific event, as opposed to your opinion or a how-to article. It’s not for everyone but then neither is niche blogging, but I find it exciting. Here are two strategies you can use to find scoops and break news.

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Track the news-makers: In the world of Internet news it’s difficult to be the original news-breaker but it’s easy to be one of the first few to report the news. Let’s face it, unless you have thousands of avid readers every day it’s highly unlikely that the President of the United States is going to contact you with an exclusive interview. But if you’re tracking him on the major news sites and set up an alert in Google News you can get in their while the news is still trending.

If you’re not the first one to break the news, what good does it do? If you’re prepared to react quickly and get your story up fast then other reporters who come in after you might link to your article when they cite their source. This not only increases your traffic but also helps boost your ranking. Eventually, you’ll end up being one of those top news sites and maybe the President will contact you.

However, those later reporters are more likely to link to a reliable, reputable site, one with a reputation for authority. So in order to get them to link to my news posts, I generally try to make them more informative. Instead of just reporting on the news-making event, I add more relevant information.

For example, if I’m reporting on a recent worker strike I’ll go back through older articles to find out why the workers are striking or what actions they’ve taken in the past, giving people who’ve just started following this news story more of the background of the situation. I might also relate it to other worker’s protests to give them a broader view of the economy.

Including this information makes my article more of a resource for the reader and other reporters as well. Now, I look like more of an authority on the subject plus I’ve given them additional information to flesh out their own articles, which means I’ll get more links.

Once you start getting known for your news articles you’ll start developing contacts. The people you write about may contact you to fill in some blanks or someone with an opposing view might contact you to tell their side of the story. These leads then turn into original news items that you’ll be the first to report.

Developing these leads gives you sources for future news stories, too. For example, I once covered a radio interview with an official with the UK Ministry of Defense. He contacted me, complimented me on the article and asked if I’d include some additional details that he didn’t have time to cover on air. Later, when it came time for the 2012 Olympics, I contacted him for an exclusive interview on the security surrounding the Olympic Stadium and he sent me and entire file full of information and told me to use whatever I wanted. And THAT article still gets traffic!

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  1. I’m a journalist and I think this is a great article.Is it difficult to track a particular person on Google News? What steps do I need to take?

    1. Thanks for your comment Cassandra! I would advise you to setup a Google Alert on that person’s name… You’ll be notified every time an article is written about him/her.

    2. thank you I’m going to try it.

    3. You’re welcome

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