Satisfy Readers: You Should Give Them What They Want


If you are a blogger then chances are you want to see your site become successful. You likely look at those big blogs that exist and wonder how that was achieved. Though in some cases it was simply that an outstanding writer connected with readers that enjoyed the stories, in most cases it took a little more than that. This is because most bloggers know that in order to truly succeed they must keep their readers happy. This is true for you as well and living by this rule will show you much more success.

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give readers what they want

Some people create blogs for entirely personal reasons and those blogs can easily be written about anything and everything. That is not true for the blog that is created with the hope of becoming the next big thing. Those blogs have to have a purpose and have to appeal to the target audience. The best way to do this is to know from the beginning what that audience wants to read and trying to give it to them. Even if this goes against what you may want to write about on that particular day. Keeping the reader happy is always goal number one of any blog.

It may go against what you want because you have set ideas of what should and should not be included in your blog. However, it is not you that will be reading it and potentially bringing in the possibility for income. Instead it is the readers that continue to follow, read and share your blog. They are the ones that will dictate whether or not the blog is a success. If they are not kept happy, they will simply look for another place to get their information.

When you give your readers what they want, they will keep coming back. They will expect to always find what they are looking for in your blog. This does not mean you have to completely sacrifice your own ideas and thoughts. A truly successful blogger knows how to take their own ideas and blend them with what their readers hope to find. This combination leads to posts that entice their readers while also leaving them with a feeling of satisfaction. If you can learn this art in your writing then you will not only be successful financially, you will feel a moral satisfaction as well.

Choosing to be a blogger means that you are choosing to base your business and income around someone else’s preferences. If they expect humor from you then they do not want to see too many serious posts. Once you have achieved success you can mix it up just slightly. However you should never deviate very far from the main idea of your blog and the typical theme of your posts. This is why it is important before that blog creation to decide exactly what you want your theme to be. From there you can develop a style that your readers will come to expect. Just don’t try and copy what is already out there. Be original and be engaging. You will find the benefits of doing are well worth the efforts.

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