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Some of you might know it, some others might not… Dukeo’s second anniversary is in exactly 3 weeks, on January 29th. Dukeo wouldn’t exist without the amazing support from you: the blogging community, so I think it’s the perfect time to reward YOU with an exciting contest and a $200 cash prize.

review my blog win 200

In an effort to always improve, Dukeo has evolved a lot in a short 2 years period, in both design and content. While I always ask for the opinion of a few A-list blogging buddies, today I’d like to know what YOU think about Dukeo.

The concept is very simple: Review my blog, and you get a chance to win $200.

Here are the rules:

  1. The review must be at least 200 words long,
  2. You have to include a link to Dukeo’s Homepage,
  3. You have to include a link to this contest’s page,
  4. You are free to link to any other page as well,
  5. You must be 100% honest with the review,
  6. State what you like and what you don’t like about Dukeo.

Once the review is online, send me a message through my contact page with the subject “Dukeo Review Contest“.

The deadline to submit your review is January 28th. (I strongly advise you to post your review as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss your chance).

On January 29th, I’ll randomly draw one of the reviews and the author will receive a cash prize of $200 through Paypal.

This could be the easiest $200 you will ever make. Don’t miss your chance and post your review today.

Good luck!

EDIT: Due to the feedback I received in the comments and through emails, I’ve decided to add another prize for the Best Review.

The 2 prizes are as follow:

  • Best Review: Handpicked by me, based on quality, honesty and originality,
  • Random Review: Randomly drawn, everyone has a chance.

Follow-up posts:

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  1. Anthony Kpodo

    The offer is quite attractive. It shows the importance you attach to the improvement of your blog. Very good! The only problem I have with the offer is it is going to depend on luck to win. I think quality of the review too should count.

    1. Anthony, I understand your concern. However, I’d like to give everyone a chance to win this prize.

      If there are enough reviews submitted, I’ll gladly create another prize for the best review!

    2. Maria Blaise Oro

      its very interesting,..

    3. Hey Anthony, I have updated the rules to reward the Best Review as well.

      Will you write a review now? ;)

    4. Anthony Kpodo

      Yap, Steven, a good one there. I’m dashing to the site right now. Thanks.

    5. Good to hear!

  2. Mike

    This is an amazing contest idea! I’m starting to write my review right now.

    1. Awesome! I can’t wait to read it

  3. Sarah

    Congratulations on the second anniversary! Thanks for giving us such an opportunity to make some easy cash

    1. Thanks for the kind words! This really is some very easy cash.

  4. Gorman

    $200 just for writing a 200 words review? I would be stupid to not try!

    1. As you said, this kind of post can be written really fast, so it’s a no-brainer.

  5. Liz

    Awesome! I can’t wait to read all the reviews and to submit my own!!! I’ll try my best. :D

    I hope there will be enough submissions to create the ‘Best Review Prize’ !!!

    (I’ll send you the link in less than one hour)

    1. Good luck to you, Liz

  6. Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

    While I believe that this is the great idea, I don’t like the random factor of it.

    Good luck with your contest!

    1. I’d love to add another prize for the best review. It really depends on the number of entries I’ll receive… Write a review and we’ll be one step closer ;)

    2. Hey Bojan, I took your suggestion into account. The Best Review will also be awarded a prize.

      Looking forward for your review ;)

  7. William Patton

    So you are drawing a winner completely at random? Out of curiosity how are you going to make it random? Cos I know that if I were to choose ‘randomly’ then I would naturally be bias to the review that has the vastest reach lol I would need to use a random number gen to make it entirely random.

    I’ll share my review soon as it’s done.

    Also 200 word minimum just doesn’t seem enough to portray the great content ethics I keep coming back for :p Mine will likely be longer :)

    1. To make the draw, I will either use a script or I will just write the domains on papers and draw from a hat (old school style).

      The 200 words is just to make sure I don’t receive reviews made of 2 sentences ;) Looking forward for your review!

    2. William Patton

      I like that – go old skool. haha

      My review is done but yet to publish. I’m a blogger too and post timing is quite important to my strategy, but I’ll be publishing it on Thursday cos people like to read my opinions on just a Thursday and no other day for some strange reason lol even organic traffic to those kinds of posts peaks on Thursdays.

    3. This is an interesting observation William. Looking forward for your review!

    4. William Patton

      My review is posted, linked it in the website field.

      Wanted to make sure I was being counted in Shiny Objects Syndrome post in the 6 people who said they’d enter and did lol

    5. I received it William. No worries.

  8. G Kamal

    its great work,i will try to write review soon….

    1. Good luck to you!

  9. Alex Dumpfree

    oh yeah! let me work out mine now. great contest. good luck to all.

    1. Great! Let me know when it’s written

  10. David Darby

    I am looking forward to review your blog, I honestly really love your site, It has gave me some really good tips. Thanks!

    1. Let me know when and where I can read the review :)

  11. Jena Isle

    Hi Steven,

    This is an awesome contest. I’m sure many bloggers would like to join. It’s also not difficult to do because your site is truly helpful….oops..okay I’ll write that in my review. :D

    Good luck to all contestants.

    1. Thanks for the nice words Jena! Any help spreading the word for this contest is highly appreciated ;)

  12. Tech Raft

    And I had already started drafting the review. I think, I have to visit the blog at different times, with my different states of mind to review it from different aspect.

    Let’s see, Nice contest though!!

    1. Pubish it as soon as you can. I’m going to make a post with links to the reviews!

    2. Tech Raft

      I hope I can complete it before Weekend.

  13. Churchill Madyavanhu

    I hope you have not been flooded with reviews. :-) Great idea. Teachers say, “We are in it for the outcome, not the income.” I say, “I am in it for the fun, not the money.” So off I go to have fun with my review.

    1. Not flooded yet, but the reviews are coming in :)

      Write an interesting review and you’ll have a chance to win the prize for the best review!

  14. Amy Romine

    Sounds like a blast I am in!

    1. Excellent news! Looking forward for your review

  15. Ekta

    Best best best ,,,,cant describe in words,,,its beyond any description!!!! All d Best!!!

  16. Frithjof

    I appreciate your great advice and well written, helpful posts. I publish a regular “best blog posts of the week” post every Saturday and will include the blog review into the next one. Hope I still qualify then.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. This sounds more like a list post with links to many websites in the same post. Sorry, but it won’t qualify for the contest.

  17. Beatriz

    Well, I want participate!
    Just I have one issue. My blog is a spanish one. Is this a problem?
    Because I think you blog is useful for all people not just english native ones.
    What you think? Can I participate?

    1. You can participate in Spanish Beatriz, it’s not a problem at all. I can speak a little Spanish, and I can always use a translator to read the review.

  18. Keith Matthews

    Already did, took me 2, count ’em, TWO posts!!!

    Best wishes to all contestants!

  19. Jigar

    Where to post the review?

    1. On your own blog :)

    2. Jigar


  20. Wooow, it was pity. I can Not write english article. Actualy i like very much

    1. I do accept reviews in foreign languages. :)

  21. George From Seekdefo

    Thank god its still live. I always wanted to write about you. Tomorrow the post would go live.

    1. Looking forward to it

  22. That’s a very interesting thing to do, but I can’t receive PayPal. Would you be able to send it via Payoneer ( in case I win :) )

    1. Hey sorry Kenneth. I don’t have a Payoneer account and will most likely not create one just for a single transaction.

  23. Delia

    Congrats on your anniversary! What a wonderful and generous idea!

    I will definitely write up a review for your site! It’s going to be challenging to find things to improve, because it looks pretty darn good, hmm…

    I’m sure I can think of something :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your intention to participate Delia. Let me know when the review will be live :)

    2. Delia

      Published the review today and sent it to you not long ago. Hope you’ve got it! Have a great weekend and cannot wait for the results ;)

    3. Thanks for your review Delia, I received it :)

  24. Prateek Bansal

    Yes this is the most easy way to make 200$. Moreover it will help you know How people think about your Blog.

    1. That’s my goal. I’ve already received some reviews and the feedback is going to be very useful to improve Dukeo! I can’t wait to read your review too :)

  25. Jason

    Hi Ste

    I think I need to participate :) $200 for writing 200 words review. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary.

    1. Awesome :) I’m looking forward for your entry!

      Don’t wait too long to write it, or you will just forget and miss your chance to win $200…

  26. Chidozie

    Its gud keep on doing the work.

  27. Julio

    Could the Review be in Spanish? or only in English?

    1. As I already said in the comments, your review CAN be in any language.

  28. Joseph Adediji

    Nice Contest Steven! Good luck to all participants.

    1. Any chance you’ll enter the contest Joseph? ^^

  29. Deina

    Since I badly need money… I’m in!
    Btw,did you receive the message with my review?

    1. Yes Deina! I received it and it’s been featured here:

  30. Lawrence

    Do we have to accept the $200, I think this sort of spoils it.

    1. You’re not forced to… If you don’t want the money, you can always give it to a charity :)

  31. Hi Steven,

    I really like the content of your site. I’m already done reviewing it. I just sent you the link of my review.

    1. Thanks for your review Michael. I replied to your message already.

  32. Rconnoriii

    Nice contest – we are new to this site, but will check out and if maybe do a review. Have a great day everyone!

    1. Don’t miss your chance, there is less than 48 hours left to write your review!

  33. William Patton

    ohhh it’s getting close to the draw XD

    1. Results have been announced already ;)

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