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A few weeks ago, I launched a Review Contest in preparation for Dukeo’s second anniversary. The idea is extremely simple: you write a review of Dukeo on your own blog, follow a few rules, and you’re automatically entered to win a $200 cash prize.

It is time to announce the winner of this contest and to share some interesting data about contests for the record.

Bur first of all, I’d like to thank all the people who entered this review contest. I really value feedback from my readers and I learned a lot by reading these reviews. A lot of the suggestions have bee taken into account for the redesign that is going live today.

review my blog win 200

Contest Entries

Let’s start by giving a list of all the entries I received for this contest. I always enjoy sharing some link-love! In that list, the reviews are NOT posted in preference order. They are ordered by submission date.

  1. The very first review that I received was written by Connor Janzen on his blog Janzen Web Dynamics. His review titled: “Dukeo Blogging Resource” was live only a couple hours after the contest went live. Connor’s post is well structured and goes over several aspects of Dukeo, from information organization to content.
  2. The second review was written by Keith Matthews. His review titled: “DUKEO Contest!!!” presents Dukeo with a very personal voice. It’s like listening to a guy speaking… Interesting.
  3. The third review, published by Mary H. Ruth on her blog Virtual Executive Assistant is titled: “Internet Marketers: Do You Know Dukeo?”. In this very straight-forward review, Mary is not afraid to explain what she doesn’t like about Dukeo. This is very refreshing as I always appreciate honesty in blogging.
  4. Howard Lee Harkness was the fourth person to submit a review for this contest. His review, titled: “Getting More Income” left me a little skeptical in the beginning because the first half of the post is not a review at all. But if you read it until the second half, you’ll get Howard’s views on Dukeo.
  5. The next review was posted by Kimboo York on her personal blog Kim Boo San. Her review, creatively titled: “Dukeo website review, because I have no shame and no money”, is mostly a review of Dukeo’s design, structure and navigation. It’s interesting to see how some things are perceived by visitors !
  6. The following review in line was written by Deina on her blog Publish the Internet. Her review, simply titled: “Dukeo site review!” is focused exclusively on the content. Deina also makes some interesting points regarding my blog and my newsletter.
  7. Not so long after, I received a review written by Donna Foreverserenity. Her review titled: “Review Dukeo Blog Win $200” is quite self-explanatory! All I can say is that it’s a colorful review… Unfortunately, Donna got my name wrong in the last paragraph (It always hurts a little).
  8. Next is the review published by Flavio Martins on his blog Win The Customer! and titled: “ Blogging Better To Better Customer Service“. I really enjoy Flavio’s approach because he doesn’t only write a review of Dukeo, but he manages to make it relate to his own audience and goals. Well done sir!
  9. George from Seek Defo was the next person to submit a review for this contest. His review, titled: “Dukeo- The insanely awesome blog!” made some very good points regarding issues with Dukeo, especially that I should put my face out there so people can connect on a more personal level with me.
  10. The next review was posted by Ina Wessels on the blog Afrikaners is Plesierig. This review, titled: “Resensie van Dukeo se blog”, is written in Afrikaans so I didn’t understand all of it (Google translate has its limits). Reviews in foreign languages are welcome, so don’t be shy!
  11. Following review was written by Monica Mays from Christmas Webmaster. In her well-written, easy-to-read review titled: “Learn how to make money online, visit Dukeo first!”, focuses mostly on content and the necessity of trial and error to reach success.
  12. Not long after, I received another review, written by Kamal Singh on his blog Real Affiliate Reviews, is simply titled:”Dukeo Review”. This blog post is short and to the point. It shows that you don’t need to write an arm-long blog post to enter this content. Congratz Kamal!
  13. Michael Gabriel from The Finest Writer was the next person to submit a review. His review, titled: “My Personal Review of” is a well-structured, 3 parts blog posts. It goes over Blog and content, Navigation and The Low Down. Michael is not afraid to be negative in his blog post, and that’s very interesting to see my blog through the eyes of someone who’s not satisfied with it.
  14. The next review in line was written on PattonWebz by William Patton. This review, titled: “Dukeo – Blogging and Internet Marketing Tips [Website Review]”, offers clear bullet points about what’s right and what’s wrong with Dukeo.
  15. Michael Sheridan also wrote a review on his blog Artisan Solutions. Michael goes straight to the point is his review titled: “It’s All About the Doughnuts”. No fluff, no semantics, no long post. A short blog post just to enter the competition.
  16. Another review was written by Delia on Blog Formatting. This very well written post titled: “10 ways I’d change to make it better”, is divided in 2 parts: 10 things Delia would change and 10 things Delia would keep.
  17. Next was Steve Miller with his blog Emergency Prepping Help. In this short review titled: “Dukeo Review (You Can Win Too!)“, Steve goes straight to the point: No hype in that post.
  18. The following review was written by Jena Isle on her personal blog Jena Isle Online. Her review is titled: “Earn $200 Cold Cash: Write a Review about Dukeo Contest”. Jena briefly goes over the design and content of Dukeo in a pros/cons post.
  19. Just a few minutes later, I received the next review written by RCONNORIII (sorry, I can’t find a real name anywhere) on his blog Extra Cash Online. In his review titled: “ Review 2013”, the author makes a quick overview of Dukeo.
  20. The next review, written by Sharon Kaye Bohlke on her blog Exercises In Love, probably has the longest title in this content: “A New Blogger’s Review of Website for Making Money Online“. Sharon’s review is clear and well-written, however it could have used some subtitles to break it down in pieces easier to digest.
  21. Not long before the deadline, I received another review written by Jacob Curtis on his blog about Social Media Tutorials. His review, titled: “One Resource a Little Too Late: Dukeo”, explains how Dukeo fits in his own online story.
  22. The final entry for this content was written by Lanita Ford on her personal blog. In this review, titled: “Choosing A Mentor When You Don’t Have A Dime To Your Name! | Can Your Mentor Be Trusted“, Lanita goes on a journey to discover if Dukeo can be trusted as a source of information.

Why it worked and what I learned

I would also like to share some things that I learned from running this contest on Dukeo.

Most of you probably don’t know it, but it’s actually the third contest I had on this blog. And it’s been, by far, the most successful of the 3. I think it goes down to a few reasons:

  • I spent some time searching for places to promote the contest (outside of my blog). As a result, I posted numerous times about it on Twitter, I also submitted it in forums and websites dedicated to online contests.
  • I had a HUGE banner displayed on every single page of Dukeo. When a visitor was coming to my blog, he simply couldn’t miss this contest.
  • There is a viral element to this contest: the entries for the contest have to link to the contest page. Whenever someone read one of the entries, they knew that it was written for a chance to win $200 and that they could also do it.

My biggest regret is that I should have used guest posting to promote my contest on other big blogs. I’m pretty sure it would have brought some good exposure to the contest and I would have received more entries.

Another thing that I learned, is that, even if the rules are extremely simple (I was not asking for very complicated things), there are always some people who try to bend the rules or are not being honest all the way. Since I value honesty both in business and in my personal life, I simply refused this kind of entries.

The most important lesson I take away from this contest is all the feedback I got from all these bloggers. It’s extremely valuable to know what people like or don’t like about your website. Never forget that your website is made for your audience, and that without them, you would be nothing.

Once again, I’d like to thank all the bloggers who took some of their time to review Dukeo. I really value your opinion!

The negative point that was mentioned the most? the lack of a search box! Don’t worry, I’m adding it today with the new design.

Contest winners!

I know it’s what you’re waiting for, so let’s put an end to the wait and announce the 2 winners.

As explained in the rules, the first winner has been handpicked by me based on quality, honesty and originality, and the second winner was randomly drawn by writing down the entries’ domain names on pieces of paper, putting them in a bowl, and randomly drawing one with my innocent hand.

Let’s start with the handpicked review…

I have to be honest here: it’s been a real struggle to pick only 1 review from all the entries because a lot of bloggers did an amazing job at reviewing Dukeo, and the overall quality of reviews was a lot higher than what I expected.

The first $200 winner is: Delia from Blog Formatting. I picked Delia as the first winner because her review “10 ways I’d change to make it better” is very well written and clearly explains 10 things she likes and 10 things she doesn’t like about Dukeo.

Blogging is not necessary about re-inventing the wheel: list posts are easy to read and allow you to share a number of ideas without going over each idea for hours and hours.

Delia was not afraid to write things that she really doesn’t like about Dukeo, and that’s exactly what I was waiting for with this review contest: honest feedback.

This review was not the most original I received, but it was among the best in terms of quality, and it was the most honest review.

Next is the random winner. Nothing much to say here… As I already explained, I wrote the reviews’ domain names on papers, folded them, put everything in a bowl, mix, and randomly picked one with my innocent hand.

The second $200 winner is: Kimboo York from Kim Boo San. Her review is mostly focused on Dukeo’s design, structure and navigation.

In addition to these two $200 prizes (and since today is Dukeo’s birthday), I decided to add 2 special mention prizes for some other reviews.

These two special $50 winners are:

  • Connor Janzen from Janzen Web Dynamics, for being the first one to take action with this review contest,
  • Lanita Ford for submitting the most original review in this contest.

All the winners have already been contacted by email and should receive their prizes shortly.

Thanks again to all the people who participated!

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  1. Jena Isle

    Congratulations to the winners! Interesting posts on Dukeo. When is the next contest? :D :D :D Best regards.

    1. I’m working on it, Jena. Give me a little time ;)

  2. Kimboo York (@kimboo_york)

    Thank you! I’m thrilled to have been one of the winners!

    I have to say, *I* learned a lot about blogging by reading the entries to the contest; knowing your site, and then seeing how other people view it/use it taught me a lot about users’ experiences.

    Thanks for being such a great resource, Steven!

    1. You’re welcome KimBoo! Thank you for participating.

      Don’t forget to reply to my email ;)

    2. Kimboo York (@kimboo_york)

      Hmmm…I did reply! Several hours ago. I can re-reply, if you didn’t get my email. Let me know!

    3. For some reason I didn’t receive it. Can you send it again please?

    4. Kimboo York (@kimboo_york)

      Just fwd’d the original to you. Let me know if it doesn’t show up. It’s from my hotmail account, might be getting trashed? Anyway, THANKS!

    5. Got it! Thank you.

  3. Rconnoriii

    Thanks for the opportunity to do my first review and the chance to read other real pro’s do theres! Just to clarify my online username RCONNORIII – My Full name is Robert Connor III and might change that on my blog. Good luck with your site Steven and look forward to the next contest.

    1. You’re welcome Robert. Thanks a lot for participating!

  4. Monica

    Congratulations to the winners!! =D

    1. Delia @ Blog Formatting

      Thanks, Monica, I was thrilled to win! And enjoyed writing the review a lot :)

  5. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    I am so thrilled to have won! And already seeing how you’ve updated the site, Steven, this is amazing!

    I had a great time reviewing your site and truth to be told, had a bit of a hard time to find things to fix… I love, love, that you added the Search box, great :)

    1. I really liked your review Delia, thank you.

      There are some modifications here and there. Most of these are based on the feedback I received during this contest. It was a great experience.

  6. Eric Butts

    Did I miss the deadline?

    1. It looks like it Eric. I didn’t receive any message from you before the deadline. Sorry.

  7. Lanita

    I can’t begin to say how excited I am about having been a part of this experience and having won! My only wish is that I would have had more prep time to have done an even better job.

    While I have written alot of product reviews, this was the first chance to be a part of a website review.

    As you can see, I guess I put more weight on the man or woman behind the scenes of the website than I do the aesthetics of the sites, as long as I can find what I need.

    I will say, I am LOVING the search box you added at the top of you site. I put in a search term and wuah-la, just the information I wanted and more!

    Today, I was thinking, that you might like a 3-column theme. That would give you more options for satisfying your visitors needs and allow you to maintain your prime advertising areas on your site. Just a thought. All the best to you!

    Contratulations winners!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Lanita, in the way your review was written, it was pretty clear that you had experience writing reviews.

      Well, the search box is one of the many additions I made to Dukeo thanks to all the feedback I received during this contest.

      I’m not a big fan of a 3 columns theme, It can quickly look cluttered and distract from the content. And I’m probably going to leave the theme like that until next year :)

    2. Lanita

      “I’m not a big fan of a 3 columns theme, It can quickly look cluttered and distract from the content. And I’m probably going to leave the theme like that until next year :)”

      Good point. Makes total sense, as it takes up a lot of the white space away that makes the page more readable. So, I’m not sure the trade off would be worth it. I of some blogs that I’ve read that do this and they are rather busy.

    3. Lanita, you should also not forget that your blog is here for your visitors first. When you keep changing your theme, visitors have to adapt to it every time.

  8. Donna

    Hi Steven, my correction regarding your name, an honest mistake, was noted on the review I wrote. Again, my apologies. BTW, my colorful review, my style of writing some of my articles. Congrats to the winners! great contest btw!

    1. Hey no problem Donna. My name is not used this way in English speaking countries, so it happens a lot :)

  9. Delia @ Blog Formatting

    I just published today a follow up post with a few points that I think helped me win the contest. It may be useful for people who are considering to write good reviews in the future. Here it is: (Set, please save it from the spam folder :)

    Thanks again, loved writing the review!

    1. Thanks a lot for your post Delia. That’s a very interesting read.

  10. Keith Matthews

    First, thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest, and to see my blog listed with all the others. Secondly, congrats to the winners! Good job, Delia!

    A special thanks to all the entrants; I sat and read each one, and I feel like I’ve discovered the pot of gold @ the end of the rainbow! Even the stuff I didn’t like was helpful, because it gave me a point of reference for things I found I didn’t want to do in my blogging. You never have to fix something you didn’t break!

    Ste`, m’boy, one day (but not today) I’ll write you a guest blog; hopefully it’ll meet your standard.

    We’ll see.

    (“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”)

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