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Dukeo wouldn’t exist without the amazing support from you: the blogging community, so I think it’s time to reward YOU with an exciting contest and a $1,000 prize pool.

In an effort to always improve, Dukeo has evolved a lot in a short 2 years period, in both design and content. While I always ask for the opinion of a few A-list blogging buddies, today I’d like to know what YOU think about Dukeo.

The idea is simple: Review my blog, and you get a chance to win $1,000.

You will also get free exposure for your blog!

I’ll feature your review in a recap post that will bring you SEO-love as well as visitors. (A paid post to be featured on Dukeo usually cost $400).

review my blog win 1000

1 – Contest Rules

Here are the rules for this contest:

  1. The review must be at least 200 words long,
  2. The review must indicate that it is part of a contest,
  3. You have to include a link to Dukeo’s Homepage,
  4. You have to include a link to this contest’s page,
  5. You are free to link to any other page as well,
  6. You must be 100% honest with the review,
  7. State what you like and what you don’t like about Dukeo.

Once the review is online, send me a message through my contact page with the subject “Dukeo Review Contest“.

Note: The review can be written in any language. I will read it with Google Translate.

2 – Contest Deadline

The last day to submit your review is May 28th. (I strongly advise that you post your review as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss your chance).

3 – Contest Prizes

To encourage people to participate, I’ve decided to put an incentive on the Prize Pool.

This prize pool will increase every week if the following condition is met:

  • Initial prize pool: $200,
  • 5 reviews submitted before April 8th: +$100 = $300,
  • 10 more reviews submitted before April 15th: +$100 = $400,
  • 10 more reviews submitted before April 22nd: +$100 = $500,
  • 10 more reviews submitted before April 29th: +$100 = $600,
  • 15 more reviews submitted before May 6th: +$100 = $700,
  • 15 more reviews submitted before May 13th: +$100 = $800,
  • 15 more reviews submitted before May 20th: +$100 = $900,
  • 20 more reviews submitted before May 29th: +$100 = $1000.

3 – The Drawing

On May 29th, 2 prizes will be awarded.

The prize pool will be equally divided between these 2 prizes.

The 2 prizes are as follow:

  • Best Review: Handpicked by me, based on quality, honesty and originality,
  • Random Review: Randomly drawn, everyone has a chance.

The winner of the “Best Review” prize CAN also win the prize for “Random Review“.

This could be the easiest $1000 you will ever make. Don’t miss your chance and post your 200-words’ review today.

Good luck!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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  1. Samie

    That’s awesome! I was eagerly waiting for your new contest. I’m starting to write my review right now.

    1. Good luck Samie. I’m looking forward to reading your review :)

  2. Shad

    All we have to do is write 200 words and we can win $1,000?!

    At $5 a word, I’m certainly not going to miss this opportunity :)

    1. I’m glad to hear this Shad!

      Don’t wait to long to submit your review.

      I need to receive 5 reviews before April 8th to add $100 more to the prize pool.

    2. Holly Jahangiri

      Beautiful! I like it, and also your creative method of increasing the prize pool (get more reviews for your site, not more “likes” for the reviews – works for me!) BUT… I’d urge a slight edit: Looks to me like you can win anywhere from a minimum prize of $100 to a MAXIMUM of $500. If the prize is split between two winners, there is no “win $1000” option here.

    3. Thanks for your comment Holly.

      One person can win both prizes at the same time, so there is a win $1,000 option.

    4. Holly Jahangiri

      Ohh!! I missed that. Excellent. ;) Are you going to choose the hand-picked winner first, then, so as not to let a contestant’s winning the “chance” drawing influence your choice? :)

    5. I guess it’s the best thing to do. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. Mitch

    I was too late for your last contest… I like the incentive twist you added to get people to enter the contest :) Good luck everyone!

    1. Good luck to you Mitch!

  4. Cornel Nitu

    Dear Steven, you had a huge ideea with this contest, like all your ideas, of course:) I’ll do all my best to post an intelligent an valued rewiew about your site. It won’t be so hard, you are my no.1 source of seo inspiration, so…

    1. Thanks for the nice words Cornel! I can’t wait to read your review.

  5. Great idea and great prizes! Too bad I don’t have an appropriate blog where to post the review :)

  6. Affiliate Manager

    Interesting contest Steven! Good luck everyone :)

  7. Laura Brooke-smith

    Great competition for a great site!
    I have just uploaded my review and sent in my entry.
    Good Luck everyone – the more people in the BLOGGING world who know about the great work going on here the better!

  8. Elliott Scott

    I love this incentive! I submitted my review earlier this week; I hope that you successfully got it! Good luck to everyone!

  9. Howard Lee Harkness

    Very interesting that you had more than 5 people comment on this post, and yet a week later, you reported that there were fewer than 5 entries.

    My entry took me less than 30 minutes, even with a round of proofreading (I hope I caught all of the errors).

    1. Holly Jahangiri

      I just learned about the contest in an email! (Sorry I don’t drop by every day – clearly I should start doing that, because I miss the good stuff! Okay, it’s all good stuff, but still…)

  10. Tonygreene113

    I’m in will get going on this one tonight after class. Thanks for the great opportunity for some much needed cash.

  11. Kamal

    I participated in your previous contest. So can I participate with the same one or new review required?

    1. You need to write a new review for this new contest, but you can use the same domain.

  12. Sparkle

    This sounds like fun! I’ve never entered a contest before so I look forward to opportunity. Great prizes;)

  13. Keith Matthews

    “…Best Review: Handpicked by me, based on quality, honesty and originality…”

    (Mental wheels turning, trying to figure out Ste`’s angle, standard equipment for Evil Geniuses…)

    Probably easier just to enter the contest, huh?

  14. Great Opportunity ! I want join this Contest. I am confident I’ll win the prize ! And its a great opportunity for me ! My site exactly fit for all type of content. So I’ve full confident you will choose my site. Wish every success of Dukeo.

  15. Great idea Steven. What a nice way to get your website reviewed too. I’m putting the finishing touches on mine and will enter soon. What do I have to lose right? Good luck to everyone that has entered.

  16. Sonia

    I came over via another review and I am SO in on this contest. Thanks for doing this and what a great idea. You know someone is going to steal this idea. These are the things bloggers need to do to really stand out. Don’t get me wrong the money helps, but the idea even if it had no “money value” attached to it, would have worked.

  17. Mohammad Waqar

    Nice contest and it is really nice that you reward your readers, I really hope it works for me and I get some prize. SO I am going to write a review though my blog is a bit new I think you might not select is for best review.

  18. Hey Dukeo, it’s nice to have stumbled on your blog today and I so I’m loving every guides here. Kudos!

    So I was wondering if I can still write a review of your blog or not. Please do let me know bro.


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