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Review Contest Reloaded Update

Steven One response About Dukeo

I launched a review contest on this blog, 2 weeks ago.

The idea is simple: Review my blog, and you get a chance to win $1,000.

To make the contest more exciting, the contest prize is increasing every week, as long as one condition is met.

The initial prize pool was $200.

Thanks to the 5 reviews that were submitted during the first week, the prize pool increased to $300.

In order to reach the next threshold and increase the prize by another $100, I need to receive 10 more reviews before Monday.

Right now, I have received only 4 reviews this week. It means that we are missing 6 reviews to increase the prize pool to $400.

If you’re interested in winning $1,000 for less than 15 minutes of your time, write your 200 words review today.

Check the review contest post to read all the contest details.

PS: I’ve been contacted by several people and apparently my email was broken last week, so I didn’t receive all the reviews.

If your review is not listed in the First Recap, please send me a message again to let me know about your review.

Aditionally, I invite you to post a comment on the contest post to let me know about your entry.

review my blog win 1000

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One Comment

  1. Holly Jahangiri

    You should have received my entry earlier today. :) I’m trying to recruit additional bloggers before tomorrow (whoops – even though you said in your email “don’t tell anyone”!)