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A few weeks ago, I launched a Review Contest in preparation for Dukeo’s second anniversary. The idea is extremely simple: you write a review of Dukeo on your own blog, follow a few rules, and you’re automatically entered to win a $200 cash prize.

To read the full details and participate, click here.

I would like to share some love with the authors of the reviews I’ve received, so I’m going to post a recap of them.

The contest is ending in 48 hours. It’s your last chance!

review my blog win 200

Note: These reviews are not posted in preference order. I add them to my list as they hit my email inbox.

1/ The first review in today’s batch was written by Monica Mays from Christmas Webmaster. In her well-written, easy-to-read review titled: “Learn how to make money online, visit Dukeo first!”, focuses mostly on content and the necessity of trial and error to reach success.

2/ The second review, written by Kamal Singh on his blog Real Affiliate Reviews, is simply titled:”Dukeo Review”. This blog post is short and to the point. It shows that you don’t need to write an arm-long blog post to enter this content. Congratz Kamal!

3/ Michael Gabriel from The Finest Writer was the next person to submit a review. His review, titled: “My Personal Review of” is a well-structured, 3 parts blog posts. It goes over Blog and content, Navigation and The Low Down. Michael is not afraid to be negative in his blog post, and that’s very interesting to see my blog through the eyes of someone who’s not satisfied with it.

4/ The next review in line was written on PattonWebz by William Patton. This review, titled: “Dukeo – Blogging and Internet Marketing Tips [Website Review]”, offers clear bullet points about what’s right and what’s wrong with Dukeo.

5/ Today’s last review was written by Michael Sheridan on his blog Artisan Solutions. Michael goes straight to the point is his review titled: “It’s All About the Doughnuts”. No fluff, no semantics, no long post. A short blog post just to enter the competition.

Sidenote: The rules for this contest are extremely simple, but it appears that some bloggers really like trying to mislead people and twist the rules… As a result, I have also received a couple of reviews which do not qualify for the contest. Here is why:

  • the review can’t be included inside of a longer post about unrelated things, (you can’t have a “weekly recap” with just one paragraph about the contest)
  • the review must clearly disclose that it’s part of a contest to win a prize. (don’t try misleading the reader, Dukeo doesn’t support misleading bloggers)

I’ll keep posting recaps of the reviews I’ll receive. So if you want a chance to win $200, some link love as well as some exposure for your blog, write your review now!

(Only 48 hours left!)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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  1. Monica

    Aww shucks! Thanks for the mention =D

    1. You’re welcome Monica! Thanks for the review :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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