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A few days ago, I launched a Review Contest in preparation for Dukeo’s second anniversary. The idea is extremely simple: you write a review of Dukeo on your own blog, follow a few rules, and you’re automatically entered to win a $200 cash prize.

To read the full details and participate, click here.

I started receiving reviews and I would like to share some love with the authors, so I’m going to post a recap of the reviews I received so far.

review my blog win 200

Note: These reviews are not posted in preference order. I add them to my list as they hit my email inbox.

1/ The very first review that I received was written by Connor Janzen on his blog Janzen Web Dynamics. His review titled: “Dukeo Blogging Resource” was live only a couple hours after the contest went live. Connor’s post is well structured and goes over several aspects of Dukeo, from information organization to content.

2/ The second review was written by Keith Matthews. His review titled: “DUKEO Contest!!!” presents Dukeo with a very personal voice. It’s like listening to a guy speaking… Interesting.

3/ The third review, published by Mary H. Ruth on her blog Virtual Executive Assistant is titled: “Internet Marketers: Do You Know Dukeo?”. In this very straight-forward review, Mary is not afraid to explain what she doesn’t like about Dukeo. This is very refreshing as I always appreciate honesty in blogging.

4/ Howard Lee Harkness was the fourth person to submit a review for this contest. His review, titled: “Getting More Income” left me a little skeptical in the beginning because the first half of the post is not a review at all. But if you read it until the second half, you’ll get Howard’s views on Dukeo.

5/ The next review was posted by Kimboo York on her personal blog Kim Boo San. Her review, creatively titled: “Dukeo website review, because I have no shame and no money”, is mostly a review of Dukeo’s design, structure and navigation. It’s interesting to see how some things are perceived by visitors !

Sidenote: The rules for this contest are extremely simple, but it appears that some bloggers really like trying to mislead people and twist the rules… As a result, I have also received a couple of reviews which do not qualify for the contest. Here is why:

  • the review can’t be included inside of a longer post about unrelated things, (you can’t have a “weekly recap” with just one paragraph about the contest)
  • the review must clearly disclose that it’s part of a contest to win a prize. (don’t try misleading the reader, Dukeo doesn’t support misleading bloggers)

I’ll keep posting recaps of the reviews I’ll receive. So if you want a chance to win $200, some link love as well as some exposure for your blog, write your review now!

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  1. Howard Lee Harkness

    When I first started my introductory paragraphs for the review article, I did indeed get sidetracked from the main topic.

    I didn’t even imagine that it might actually get mentioned here. I have edited the entry to make the review part easier to find for those folks who want to skip my observations on IM’ers in general.

    1. Hey no problem Howard! You did, indeed, get a “little” sidetracked ;) I think this review exercise is a good thing for both the reviewed and the reviewer.

      Thanks again for participating.

  2. Howard Lee Harkness

    A comment on the low number of contest entries: I was happy to see that I currently have a really good chance of winning the “random pick” prize, even if my chances are not so good for the “best of” category.

    Naturally, that’s not such a wonderful thing for you, and I am reminded of a contest last year where I gave away over $600 in prizes (about 30 physical items) — and I ended up giving something to nearly every entrant because I got such a small response. I think I got a total of 15 new subscribers to my newsletter for that effort and expense. Not exactly what I had in mind.

    I think I may have some better and more cost-effective approaches now, but I am eagerly following your efforts to see what sorts of things you do about it, and how successful they are, before I start up my next give-away.

    1. Howard, comparing your prize value and the number of entries you plan to receive is critical if you want to be profitable. On the other hand, I’m doing this contest to give back to the people who follow and support Dukeo, so I really don’t mind if I’m losing money on this one. Even if there was only 1 entry in the contest, I would still be happy to give the prize!

      If you don’t have much money, you can try finding sponsors to give away memberships of software subscriptions as prizes, it will cost you nothing.

  3. Keith Matthews

    You actually seem to get my stuff. It’s a conversation, an attempt to explain Black Culture to White people, to build a cultural bridge between the races.

    One day, we shall join our hands in brudderhood, and sing “Kumbaya.” The reason why we join hands?

    To keep y’all from clapping. No need to throw off the beat unnecessarily, y’know?

    Thanks! You’re helping me more than you’ll ever know.

    1. Thanks to you, Keith, for participating and sharing your views on Dukeo

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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