Retweets: 4 Tactics to Get More For Your Posts

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Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get people to tweet your posts and retweet your tweets. You visit other blogs and see all those tweets stacking up and sometimes you wonder what you’re doing wrong. Is there something you don’t know, or are you just “tweeting up the wrong tree?” (Ha! Say THAT three times real fast!) Here are three tactics to increase the number of retweets on your blog.

increase retweets on your blog

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Use a Call to Action

Seriously, the best way to get your readers to do anything is to flat out tell them to do it. Highlight it with a quote box or use a big bold image but put something right there at the end of every single blog post that says “Tweet This NOW!

Don’t ask, don’t suggest, and don’t say, “Tweet this post if you liked it…” Just tell them to tweet the blog post. To really get their attention put a big Twitter button right there where they can’t possibly miss it.

Tell Them WIIFM

A lot of your visitors don’t have a Twitter account because they just don’t want one or they don’t know what Twitter is. So write a killer post someday that explains how to set up an account and tells how they can use Twitter to make new friends all over the world. If they won’t tweet to help you out, they might tweet if they knew they would get something out of it, too.

Do Unto Others

If you want your followers to retweet your tweets then you should get in their and retweet theirs, first. Trust me, other bloggers pay attention to everybody that retweets their links. They’ll see your name pop up under “Connects” and they’ll start retweeting for you, too.


Use to find influential people you can follow on Twitter. Influential people usually have a high number of followers, but not always. But people their reach extends far out into Twitter because people retweet their tweets. Remember, though, that these people won’t see your tweets unless they follow you. So get in there and retweet for them so they’ll sit up and take notice.

It’s important to remember that on average only about one to two percent of your visitors are going to tweet your content. Some don’t want to, some just don’t think about it, and some don’t even know what Twitter is, believe it or not. So if you’re already hitting that average then the best thing to do is focus on increasing your traffic, no matter where it’s coming from. Get more traffic = Get more tweets!

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  1. Leshawnda Fitzgerald

    Great Post…Seems basic, but I am going to incorporate suggestion 2 by devoting an entire Newsletter & blog post on how to set up Twitter & how Twitter can help customers meet friends & practice their Spanish. (I teach Spanish)

    1. That’s good to hear! Let me know how this goes

  2. Dwayne Kilbourne

    Don’t forget tools like Triberr, Empire Avenue, and Facebook Groups!

    1. Thanks for sharing Dwayne!

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