Renting Blog Pages: Should You Do It?

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As more and more small business realize the benefits of having a presence online it opens up several opportunities for established blogs. The first opportunity is selling advertising space to these small business. The second opportunity isn’t quite so obvious but really benefits both parties – selling or renting pages on your blog.

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This works especially well for small local businesses. Many of these businesses would love to have ad space on a blog that brings in good local traffic. They just don’t realize how affordable it is so they don’t even pursue it. But the one thing these local small businesses really need is a website.

Due to the expense of having a website designed and the time and cost involved in maintenance, many small businesses are taking a pass on a website, even though they know it would increase their exposure in their local marketplace. These days, every penny counts and they’re just not familiar enough with the Internet and websites to risk the money right now. And let’s face it, if you don’t have the time and knowledge to promote a website, you and I both know it’s a waste of money.

However, what if you could sell them an advertising spot in your sidebar and link that ad to a page on your blog? A page that you’re selling or renting to that small business owner?

The benefits to you of course, start with the revenue you’ll collect from renting or selling the page. And then there’s the increased traffic and the possibility of increased authority if someone links to that page. The small business owner benefits, too. He doesn’t have to pay for a full-blown website, which he probably doesn’t need anyway, and his page pulls authority from your main domain. And now he has a website address that he can use on his offline promotional materials, increasing his online exposure.

If you sell or rent enough pages to local small business, your own domain could become known as the local go-to source for local information. In fact, you could potentially have the next Angie’s list on your hands.

Have I tried this myself? On a small scale, yes I have. A few years ago I built a website for a non-profit and some of the sponsors had ads but no websites. So we just increased their ad costs by a few dollars a month and gave them a page on the site. We also gave them limited access so they could change their promotional material whenever they wanted. These advertisers were thrilled with the results.

In the past, people just saw their name and phone number scrunched up in a corner. But now, they had a full web-page where they could show their logo, provide contact information and let the local community know about special promotions and sales.

Think about it. If you have an established blog that’s bringing in traffic and you sold 100 pages at $100 each, you’d be bringing in an extra $10,000 a year and really, the only thing you’d have to do is sit back and collect the money. What do you think? Would you sell or rent out pages on your blog?

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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