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In a world filled with so many bloggers, you’ll need to take steps to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. You want to stand out, to be memorable, to come easily to your readers’ minds when they’re recommending blogs or products to other people. One of the best ways to do this is to keep in touch with your readers.

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The vast majority of bloggers don’t interact very much with their readers, or at least not on a one-on-one, long-term basis. Interacting with your readers like this can take energy and might not be entirely scalable as your blog grows, but you can still keep in touch with them later on. (If Seth Godin can reply to every email, you can, too.) And in the meantime, getting in touch with your readers will turn them into enthusiastic fans, which is essential for continuing to grow your readership.

Here’s a list of ways you can get in touch with your readers to get you started:

  • Start a free forum. This can be done for free or for very low cost, and is a great way to keep in touch with your readers, at the same time as you’re building credibility for yourself. You can answer their questions or give them advice, which will not only impress them, but can give you great ideas for blog posts that your readers will enjoy.
  • Use social media. The two most obvious options are Facebook and Twitter. This is a relatively easy way to keep in touch with your readers, as you can respond to comments or questions with hardly any effort at all, and setting up accounts is entirely free on both websites. Having an active presence on these sites will show your readers that you actually care about helping them.
  • Remember the important things. If you see a reader mentioning that their birthday is in a month, or that their wedding anniversary is coming up, note it down. Then, when the day arrives, shoot them a quick little email or tweet that says “Happy birthday!” They’re guaranteed to never forget that act of kindness, and by using a tool like Highrise, it can take a fairly small amount of effort on your part.
  • Use your email list or newsletter. This is the most obvious option, which is why it’s one of the last. If you’re not already sending out a regular newsletter, you should be, as it’s an easy way to keep you and your blog at the forefront of readers’ minds. Having a mailing list also gives you an easy way to ask readers what they want. You can send out links to surveys for readers to take, so that you can consider their input, or even just ask them to click “reply” and tell you what they think. Readers will value it when you show that you care about their opinions. (To setup a newsletter, you should use Aweber).
  • Respond to comments. This is another obvious option, but it goes a long way. If you value comments on your site, readers need to be encouraged to comment. If a reader goes to comment on a post and sees several other comments that you haven’t responded to, then what incentive do they have to comment, knowing that it will most likely be ignored? Make sure to thank readers for taking the time to comment, as well as responding to any feedback they have.

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  1. Web Design Studio

    Interesting ways to engage the online audience…

    1. Thank you !

  2. Sarah

    Thanks for reminding me to go back to my email list!

    1. The money is in the list :)

  3. Flash Games

    Responding regularly definitely works!

    1. As long as you build a discussion rather than a lecture, your readers will enjoy your blog.

    2. Flash Games

      Yeah…makes sense what you say about the discussion focus

  4. First Website

    I see you follow everything you preach! excellent post.

    1. I try as much as I can. I generally do not preach something I didn’t try first :)

  5. Anon

    In fact a blog without having active readership can be quite a waste!

    1. I agree, but you have to be cautious because when you are just starting a blog, the readership is not going to build itself overnight.

  6. Dana

    It does seem to be tougher to connect with readers with so many blogs around?

    1. Your main focus should be to have a unique point of view that will make you stand out of the crowd.

    2. Dana

      I agree but even then it is a crowded space as entry criteria for blogs is so low!

    3. Sad Music

      You’re right Steven, ” a unique point of view ” is essential for successful interaction with readers.

  7. Samie

    Has anyone promoted their blogs on RSS feed on Kindle?

    1. Jony

      Not yet…but I know some people who do quite well there.

    2. Mitch

      I know someone as well who does promote her blog that way.

  8. Web Design Inspiration

    Top celebrities manage to boost their online audience by one on one interaction.

    1. Sad Music

      Quite a common occurance with musicians.

    2. …and Sport Stars as well! I guess everyone wants to be on social media!

    3. Sad Music

      Yup! Today if you aren’t on Social media…sorry, you’re expired!

  9. Sarah

    Readers are good consultants for the blog too.

    1. First Website

      Absolutely! That’s one way for you to improve your blog’s popularity.

  10. Gorman

    I like connecting with the readers of this blog too.

    1. John

      Same here Gorman! I like to connect with the readers of this blog too!

  11. Dana

    Readers will continue to bring value to writers.

  12. Mike

    Readers are what drive bloggers to write!

    1. I’ll second that Mike!

  13. Samie

    I wait for my readers’ comments to come in with baited breath

  14. Webdesign Studio

    Top politicians resort to social media to gain confidence of voters!

    1. Mike

      …and they do get it! Just check some of the social media accounts of famous politicians. They’re all screaming for support!

    2. Flash Games

      But Mike, don’t you think Social media can upset their political careers and reputation as well? I mean consider Anthony Weiner for example..

    3. Mike

      I guess we shouldn’t go personal on that! But you’re right social media can build and ruin reputation & popularity, that is act both ways!

  15. Webdesign Studio

    I think we all missed out the last point “Respond to comments” that’s the key to hold back your readers and help them keep coming back. What do you think? :)

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