Quit Blogging: Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Regardless of what you’ve heard, there really are not thousands of bloggers out there making a full-time income with their blogs. In fact, the number of A-list bloggers is a lot smaller than you think. And when all the other bloggers, bloggers like you and me, gather around the Internet water cooler, the conversation always seems to turn into an endless drone of complaints, problems and whining. If you’re one of those water-cooler-whiners, then it’s time to either quit blogging now or forever hold your peace.

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quit blogging now or forever hold your peace

I’ve been making money online as an affiliate marketer and a blogger for quite a few years now and I receive emails from bloggers every day, filled with the same old complaints. I offer the same advice to everyone:

Get out of the make money online niche – I have this discussion with other big name bloggers all the time and it’s difficult for new bloggers to understand. If you want to be successful, you have to define your target audience. And you have to choose them wisely. And then you need to aim your marketing efforts in their direction.

Here’s where a lot of bloggers make a big mistake. They decide to make money online blogging and what’s the first blog they set up? A blog about how to make money blogging. (There’s so many things wrong with that I’m not even sure where to begin!) It’s true. Do a few Google searches and the number of newbie blogs dedicated to teaching people how to blog is almost obscene. But here’s a little secret – there are only a handful of successful bloggers in the make money online niche. You don’t hear about the bloggers who are successful in other niches because they’re too busy making and spending their money.

But I digress. Here’s where those newbie bloggers are making one of their mistakes. Their target audience is other people who are learning to blog. And that’s a huge audience, granted, but what are these bloggers going to sell to their audience if everyone in the audience is all selling the same make money online products? Face it – the income in this niche is severely limited because the audience is so huge and everyone is selling the same thing. Either get out of this market or forever hold your peace!

What is your USP?

Regardless of what niche you’re in, and especially if you’ve chosen the make money online niche, you need a unique selling proposition, something that sets you apart from your competitors. Anyone can set up a niche blog and toss up a few Amazon or Clickbank products and Voila! You have a blog! But every niche has competition, and it will only get worse. You need to give people a reason to visit your blog and you can’t do that by churning out regurgitated product that you scraped off some article directory or stole from some other blog.

What makes you unique isn’t the product you’re pushing or the design of your blog. It’s how you match your product up with an audience. Let me explain…

You may need to create your own product

There are thousands of blogs dedicated to teaching people how to make money blogging. The successful blogs in this niche, the blogs that are really making money, have found a way to do it differently. Maybe it’s the way they actually teach it – with guides, videos or a membership site. And maybe it’s because they’ve added a new twist. But in most cases, the most successful people in any niche have created their own product to meet the needs of a specific, highly targeted audience.

A product doesn’t have to be an ebook or a piece of software, either. A product can be a service, or a paid forum, or a membership site where you share proprietary information. The key is to find something that you do better than anyone else and then find the people who would be interested in paying for it. It’s hard work, there’s no doubt about it. But how much longer are you willing to sit around, whining about your lack of success, before you finally do something about it?

If you’ve been at this for a while and you’re not making any money then you’re doing something wrong. And most of the time it comes down to one of three things:

  1. You haven’t identified the needs of your audience
  2. You haven’t found your unique selling proposition to set you apart from the crowd
  3. You haven’t created your own product and claimed your one niche market

If you haven’t achieved your blogging income goals, and you’re not willing to step up and do the necessary research and work, then you need to quit blogging now or forever hold your peace.

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  1. Icciev

    Hi Steven,

    I totally agree with you, when you are trying to make money online using Adsense for example, there is a lot of keywords publisher uses for their ads and not all these keywords have the same cost per click, to be able to generate a good amount with adsense you have to be blogging with keywords that have high search impact, meaning it’s has high traffic, less competition and higher cost per click. The same factors can be applied when selecting your niche, you have to find a niche that have high demand, less competition and profitable products. When you find it you have to make sure that you have the required skills to be able to provide unique information about it before anyone else does.

    1. David

      I honestly think too much emphasis is placed on keywords. Yes, you have to pay attention to keywords but it shouldn’t be overdone or given too much emphasis.

      The people that come to a blog do not do it all for the same reason or because they all have an interest in the blogs topic.

      People go to yahoo for a variety of reasons. People go to CNN for a variety of reasons. and on and on…

      I agree with you overall, keywords are important. I just think we have to be careful about overemphasizing the concept of keywords.

    2. Joseph

      The very best thing to keep in mind is that you are not writing for Google search bots, you are writing for people. Yes, keywords are helpful but only one or two will be fair. Real content that will keep the blog unique and popular among users is the one wrote for people, and that one wrote for Google bots will remain popular among the bots themselves.


  2. David

    Reading this post makes me feel sad and makes me want to quit blogging.

    But I just don’t feel like quitting right now. I think I will just keep on going.

    Besides, it is a lot of fun! Of course, I am not in it just for fun.

    I have other motives that help me find some drive.

    I think it is difficult to win at this game unless you have a big ‘why’. Without the why, most people will stop trying in a relatively short period of time.

    I’ve seen the discussions out there. It appears to be true, most people are not making money with their blog.

    Some satisfy themselves with short term gains, like winning a contest (a money contest).

    I am not sure that I agree with focusing on a single market, however.

    I certainly cannot do that, nor do I want to. I do not want to make 10 blogs on 10 different topics. I tried that once and that is just not fun.

    I think it is ok to create a blog with multiple topics and perhaps separate those topics via a menu or categories.

    I may be wrong, but I feel like I have too many blogs now. Therefore, I am focusing on just one. I wish I could reincorporate the info from the other blogs into my current blog – but I think that is probably not a good idea.

    So, I am going to find ways to do what I want to and use that as my starting point. There should be a path to success from there.

    I just don’t want the limitation of sticking to just one topic or theme.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Joseph

      I bet building a multi-topic blog would probably work if you use various sub-domains. But after all I don’t think it’s better either. You can also have a model like that one of About .com

  3. David

    As far as creating your own product goes. I would say to ‘think outside of the box’. Everyone has an e-book now or a digital product of various sorts.

    Do the opposite, go back to selling physical products. Open an ecommerce store and you can use your blog to talk about the products you carry.

    A little extra work? Yes, but customers also appreciate something physical and not purely a digital work.

  4. Joseph

    Why on earth would you forever hold on while you are just but riding low. I bet when things do not work that well it’s better to quit. Try a good thing to do that is worth.

    Thanks Steven for this article.

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