Publishing Frequency: How To Find Your Ideal Posting Frequency

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I’ve seen bloggers put up three posts their first week, wipe the sweat from their brow and exclaim, “Whew! I don’t think I can keep up this pace!” And then I’ve seen bloggers who post five or six posts a day for years and never bat an eye. What’s the perfect publishing frequency? The one that works for you.

There Is No Right Or Wrong

Nothing about blogging is carved in stone. Every decision you make is based on your skills and abilities, your blogging goals, and your readers. Since no two blogs are alike, then, it’s up to you to do whatever works best for yours.

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Know Your Topic

One of the reasons new bloggers are always advised to choose a topic they’re passionate about is because blogging is about writing, and no matter how frequently you post, you’re going to be writing a lot.

It’s a lot easier if you’re already knowledgeable about your topic. If you have to research every single post, or force yourself to write because you’ve chosen a topic in which you have no real interest, then you’re going to have a hard time maintaining any kind of frequency, even if it’s just one post a week.

Start Slow And Build Gradually

Start with one or two posts a day, or three or four a week, whatever you can comfortably produce and still have quality content.

It’s also important to remember that you’re going to have other things to do, like promoting your posts, replying to comments, and building relationships with your readers, other bloggers, and people who can help your business. So start slowly and increase your pace gradually.

The More You Publish The Faster Your Blog Will Grow

Each time you publish a new post that’s another link on the search engine index, another avenue someone could use to find your blog. So it only makes sense that the more posts you have, the more traffic you’ll get, and the faster you publish those posts the faster your traffic will grow.

That being said, the rate at which you grow your traffic is entirely up to you. Keep in mind, though, if you want your blog to start earning quickly, you’re going to have to publish a large number of posts quickly.

Consistency Counts

Your publishing consistency counts, too. Your readers will get used to your posting schedule and they’ll come to your blog every weekday or every other day or however you typically post, and you want them to always see something new and fresh when they arrive.

What Do Your Readers Want?

Some niches just naturally land themselves to multiple posts each day, especially anything related to news. But even that’s up to the blogger. Most celebrity bloggers publish 10 or more posts a day but if you only want to publish one, that’s fine, as long as it meets your readers’ expectations.

Your readers’ expectations are based largely on how you start off with your blog. If you’re posting six times a day you’re going to attract an audience that expects you to keep up that pace, and if you don’t they’re not going to be pleased. On the other hand, if you start off with one post a day, your readers will be tickled pink when you start publishing two or three times a day.

Each blogger really does march to the beat of a different drum. The key is to find a blogging rhythm that allows you to always publish high-quality content as frequently and consistently as possible, while also working on other aspects of your blogging business.

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  1. Stephanie

    Good tips! I read somewhere awhile back that a blogger who expects to ever make money through her blog needs to post at least 3 times per week. Any truth to that, as far as you know? One other thought: as a blog reader, I admit there are times it bugs me to get notices of multiple entries in the same day from a writer, especially when some entries seem like fluff – like when the entire entry is one photo or one quote – from somebody else. A couple of times I’ve unsubscribed because of too frequent posting that i considered to be non-essential. Bloggers should pay attention to their blog’s statistics and take a hint if readership starts to drop off suddenly.

    1. I have no idea where you heard that to make money, a blogger needs to post at least 3 times per week…

      As far as I know, there is no truth to that and anyone who is making this kind of claim better have some solid proof to back it up.

      Some bloggers post 10 times per day and don’t make any money. Some others post 1 time per month and make a ton of cash.

  2. Steven, I found I did not lose traffic when I went from posting 5-7 times per week to 2. I started to have more time to comment more and make longer posts. Interesting that Google does like fresh content but do they mean daily, weekly or monthly? I think it depends on the niche too Steven.

  3. Eli@coachdaddy

    Twice a week fits me well. It gives me time to engage by comments, check out other blogs, and promote not only my current post, but selected older posts, too. The most imporant thing is interacting with other bloggers.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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