Promoting Clickbank: How To Do It With Your Blog

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If you’re getting ready to take your first steps into the world of affiliate marketing then Clickbank is the best place for you to start. They have access to thousands of products and the registration process is quick and painless, even for beginners. A lot of affiliate marketers start with Clickbank and never go anywhere else because their products are great and their program is so user friendly. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are the basic steps you’ll need to take to promote Clickbank products with your blog.

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promote clickbank products with your blog

Choose a product: Some affiliate marketers like to choose their niche first and then go in search of a product. Others choose a product first and then research the niche. Either way works, so take your pick and start blogging.

The products at Clickbank are sorted by categories and each product has marketing information to help you make your decision. I look at all of the information provided but there are two major points I really use:

The Gravity rating: The gravity rating is an indication of a product’s popularity and sales potential and it can be a little confusing. For example, a gravity rating of 35% means that for every 100 times someone has clicked on that particular link, 35 sales have been generated. What you don’t know is where those sales are coming from. Are all 35 coming from the same location? If so, then there may only be one other blogger out there promoting that product and you’ll have little competition. On the other hand, if those sales came from 35 different blogs, then you not only have a lot of competition, but the product also isn’t selling very well. Before making your decision, be sure to check your competition.

The other thing I look at is the advertiser’s sales page. It might sound like a really great product. But you’re going to be using your like to send the visitor to the advertiser’s sales page and if that page won’t convert, you won’t get a sale.

Generate a list: Next, I’ll create some type of free giveaway item and use it to entice people to opt-in to my list. It’s important to put an opt-in form on your blog because most visitors are not going to buy the first time they visit. You already know they’re interested in your product because they visited your blog. Now you just have to send them gentle reminders to keep coming back.

Create a squeeze page: Using a squeeze page is sometimes referred to as pre-selling. A squeeze page is page that contains promotional information about the product your selling and sends the reader to the advertiser’s sales page. In essence, you use a squeeze page to convince the reader to buy.

Like I said, most visitors won’t buy the first time they visit your blog. In fact, it will take approximately 7 visits before they’ll be ready to buy. That’s where email marketing helps out. It reminds your subscriber that there’s something they’re interested in on your blog and they need to come back and check it out.

Send your subscribers a link in your email that leads to a squeeze page and you can speed up that process by pre-selling them on your product. They’ve already read your informative blog post. Now you’re sending them to read your promotional information so you can pre-sell them on the idea of buying.

Load your auto-responder: Remember, it’s going to take more than one nudge before your reader is ready to buy. Once you’ve chosen your product and created a squeeze page you need to load some emails into your auto-responder.

And auto-responder is simply a program your email service provider offers that automatically sends out emails to your subscribers. When someone enters their name and email address into your opt-in form they automatically start receiving the emails you’ve loaded into your auto-responder. You enter your emails once and choose the timing and then the auto-responder takes care of everything else.

You’ll want to load up at least 12 emails and send them out on a regular schedule. Some marketers load up hundreds of emails at a time but you’ll want to be careful that you’re not spamming your subscribers. You want them to stay on your list so you can continue to market new items to them.

These are the basic steps to promote Clickbank products with your blog and it sounds like a lot. But after you set up a couple of blogs you’ll see how easy it really is to make money online with affiliate marketing. And with all the products you’ll find at Clickbank, you’ll never run short of products to promote.

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  1. David

    Which clickbank products have you had the most luck with Ste?

    I have found that I have not had much selling CB products except for the one I created.

    I used to sell it for a $29 price point, but I have lowered the price to only $9. I offer the affiliates a 70% commission for each sale.

    CB can be fun, but I usually sell more of my own product than someone elses. What has your experience been, Ste?

    1. I’ve made decent numbers with products in the SEO/blogging niche (thanks to Dukeo)

  2. Kamal Singh

    That’s the most important part,not to spam the list,it will make it dead.

    1. Joseph

      That’s true. I hate spam and so does everyone. They good thing with Dukeo is that not a single day I have ever received a spam from here, and Ste’s emails are the type I read from start to end.

  3. Joseph

    I haven’t tried out clickbank, but following this nice reading I have at-least a reason to check them out.


  4. Jame P - Web Designer

    Affiliate marketing has good potential but it requires a lot of effort to make a decent income, particularly if you don’t have an established blog or a large email list to start with. Nevertheless, the potential is great. We need to start somewhere I guess.

    1. Joseph

      Yep Jame, every journey needs a starting point. So, to earn a decent income you don’t have to have an established blog of a large email list, you just need to start building them both now!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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