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Do you have an ‘About Me‘ page on your blog? If you do, what does it say? And what about the profiles you fill out, all over the Web? Those are also pages that tell a lot ‘About You‘. Each one of those page has it’s own URL and each one appears on a search engine index. If the only thing on those pages is your name and contact information, you need to learn to promote yourself, to tell more about your and your business.

promote yourself and your brand

Bloggers make one of two mistakes when they create an ‘About Me‘ page. They either include too little information because they don’t know what to say or they’re don’t want to appear to be bragging, or they include way too much information, information that no one really cares about. Here’s what you should include on your About page and other online profiles:

Your real name: Google has really started pushing their Google Plus Profiles. When you register and complete your profile, you can link to all of your web content – as long as it’s published under your real name. (It may change in the future, but for now, they don’t permit linking to content published under pen names.) Once you set up this profile and your links, your picture appears next to all of your content when it’s viewed on the Google index. The benefit is added authority. Searchers will see your picture and it makes your link look that much more important than all the others in the results.

Google aside, though, using your real name on online profiles and on your blog helps instill a sense of trust and authority. Which would you rather read? A blog written by Sweet Baby Cakes or a blog written by Jane Smith, Pastry Chef?

Your qualifications: Give people a reason to trust your information by telling them why you’re qualified to blog about your topic. If you’re trying to sell health care products then it will help your credibility to tell people about your pharmaceutical education and background. If you’re trying to sell recipes, people will be more willing to trust you if they know you started baking when you were 5 years old.

A little about you: Let readers know a little personal information – what inspires your or what you’d like to achieve. Maybe you’ve overcome some huge obstacle in life that you’d like to share. Don’t over do it though. Unless your blogging about breakfast, your readers aren’t really interested in what you have for breakfast every day. And do be careful what you share. To much personal information can set you up for scams – or worse.

Your USP: Your Unique Selling Point is key. There are millions of recipe blogs out there. What makes yours so special? Let readers know how you can help them if they read your blog.

Your contact information: Contact information is important, too. It lets your readers know you really do exist and they’re welcome to contact you any time they like. If you’re a serious blogger, get a serious email address. None of this Gmail or Yahoo stuff. A real email address lends even more credibility and authority to your site.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you probably already know a little about me and what I have to offer. And you also know that I take every opportunity I find to promote myself and my online business.

And if you have been following for a while, I’d like to thank you and offer you this opportunity to promote yourself, and tell us about your and your business, right here on this page.

Go ahead and tell the world about you and your blog. Tell us who you are, why you’re blogging, share your hopes and dreams and let yourself brag a little.

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  1. Main Uddin

    Main points of promoting yourself are :
    1.introduce yourself,
    2.tell us more about what you do,
    3.what drives you,
    4.whether you need/offer help with anything
    5.promote yourself, in other words.
    6.How to Build an Email List 101
    7.How to Increase Traffic to your Site
    8.How to Convert That Traffic into Paying Customers

    Just a little bit better, don’t be a stranger – grab a cup of coffee, stay a while, and read some of the traffic generation advice

    1. That’s a nice advice list that you have there! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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