Professional Blogger Shortcut: The Secret to Results in Half the Time

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Each blogger has a different definition of “professional” but generally it has something to do with income. Whether you want to make enough money so you can quit their full-time job or they want to make $1,000 a day, the solution is the same: If you want to get there in half the time you need to double your income. What’s the secret? You might be surprised.

Doubling Your Traffic

If you said that doubling your traffic would double your income you’re only partially correct. But it really depends on how you go about getting that additional traffic. If it’s not targeted traffic it’s not going to convert.

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For example, if I were to write a few blog posts about Lindsay Lohan I might be able to attract an extra 1,000 visitors a day to my blog. But once they get here and see that most of my blog is about making money online they’re just going to click away. In the meantime, my readers who come here for blogging advice are going to think I’ve changed topics and they’ll leave, too.

More traffic will probably increase your income, but it won’t necessarily double it and there’s no guarantee it will increase it at all.

Find Higher-Paying Advertisers

You could also go find some higher-paying advertisers, but here’s the thing: In order for them to be able to pay you more they have to charge more for their product. If you’re already having trouble selling a $15 item, it’s going to be that much harder to sell a $30 or $45 dollar item.

Double Your Conversion Rate

The real secret to becoming a professional blogger in half the time is to tweak your content to increase your conversions.

Start by analyzing your traffic to see which pages on your blog are already getting conversions. Clean up those pages and make sure they’re providing all the value they can and make sure your calls to action are clear and strong.

Next, look at your high-traffic pages that aren’t converting and clean them up, too. Look at what’s already working and implement it on these high-traffic pages.

Create more of the same type of content. If your visitors seem to prefer list posts, write more list posts. If they prefer videos, create more videos. If they seem to respond better to a certain call to action, implement that style on your other pages, too.

Use split-testing to continuously improve the conversion rate on all your landing pages. If you’re getting a 1 percent conversion rate it won’t take much to double it and bump it up to 2 percent. You’ll immediately double your income.

And once you understand how easy it is to improve conversions you can add in those higher paying advertisers, and the sky’s the limit. But the real secret to becoming a professional blogger in half the time is to learn how to convert your visitors into buyers, first.

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  1. Jon Rhodes

    Very true. I have found that the best way to increase conversions is to get your visitors coming back. That means regular updates, great content, and calls for subscriptions. After a few visits a person is far more likely to buy than from the first visit.

  2. Paul

    Cool point, another thought if you love what you do/talk about it will show and people well be more engaged. Cool info you have here!

  3. Great info Steven. You can double your income with half the traffic if your offer converts very well. I have also been reading a lot lately about increasing sales to your existing customers, so maintaining the relationship with your existing customers is another great way to increase your income.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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