Product Development: Here Are The Initial Steps

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Once you decide it’s time to start creating your own products, you’re probably going to wonder what are the initial steps to take your product off the ground.

Now what?

Here are things to consider when you’re ready to develop your product.

1. Finding The Time

If you’re like me, you’ll have a brilliant idea for a product first thing in the morning and you’ll kill yourself trying to get it ready to launch by the end of the week.

It’s ridiculous, I know, but I always think someone’s going to read my mind and steal my idea.

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I have to force myself to relax, take my time, and create a quality product instead of rushing to market like a noob.

Taking your time is important for two reasons:


Obviously, whatever product you’re creating will be much better quality if you spend some time on it.

Even if you’re just writing a little 5,000 word mini-guide, attention to detail increases the value of your product.

Your Other Priorities, Like Your Blog

Seriously, I really have dropped everything and focused on pounding out an ebook, more than once.

And it always takes much longer than you think it’s going to.

In the meantime, what about all your other priorities – like your family, your job, or your blog?

Many bloggers disappear from their blogs when they’re in the middle of creating a product.

Instead, plan ahead.

Write extra posts and schedule them for publication, or line up guest bloggers.

Even the most successful companies don’t rush to market with a product, letting all their other priorities fall by the wayside.

Set aside plenty of time for market research, product creation, graphics and branding, and promotion.

You’ll be much happier with the results and your customers will be much happier with your product.

2. Growing Your Brand

Your first product is just your first step in growing your brand.

Keep this in mind and consider the following:

Product Quality

The quality of your first product will set the tone for future product sales.

Make this first product truly remarkable, release it under your brand, and the next product will be easier to sell.

Brand Recognition

If you don’t already have a unique logo and design for your blog, now’s the time to set it up.

Use this logo and elements of your design on all the products you create so your customers can easily identify your brand.

If you don’t feel comfortable creating labels, logos or ebook covers yourself, head to one of the freelance sites and look for designers.

It’s not as expensive as you might think.

Future Products

Create products that you can build on.

For example, if your first product is a packet of secret spices to make that killer chili recipe on your blog, consider future spice blends that could help build brand recognition.

Develop a unique, eye-catching logo and label.

Always be thinking about future products and how you can use them as building blocks to help grow your brand.

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